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Assemble the Comgrow Z1 laser cutter in Minutes | Simple Steps

Made one mod to my Simple steps to Assemble the Comgrow Z1 laser cutter. Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use the Comgrow Z1 laser cutter. Thanks for watching and have a great day! Link: https://comgrow.com?sca_ref=2418608.KbRMRBv77m YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/ComgrowOfficial Make your life as a YouTuber easier by installing TubeBuddy. Use this link and […]

Lightburn Design & Cut a Wooden Keychain Comgrow Z1 laser cutter

Today I use Lightburn to Design & Cut a Wooden Keychain Comgrow Z1 laser cutter. The Comgrow Z1 laser cutter was easy to set up in Lightburn and the project was a blast. Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use the Comgrow Z1 laser cutter. Thanks for watching and have a great day! […]

Co2 Laser, AIR COMPRESSOR Upgrade, Setup & Testing, With Ultimate Air Assist

Is it worthwhile replacing the Air Pump which was shipped with your Co2 Laser Machine, with an Air Compressor? Will it improve the results from your laser machine? Aren’t Air compressors extremely noisy, I don’t want all that noise in my workshop? To address that last question 1st, no not all air compressors are noisy, […]

DIY LASER engraver – step 3 Software & Setup

#eezyrobots #laser #engraver One of the objects that has always been on top of my wish list, was a Laser Engraver Finally I get one from GearBest, is a DIY 2W A5 Laser Engraver. I made some videos and tutorials about the assembly and the usage of this useful object here the link http://goo.gl/ishspx more […]

Learn How to Setup Laser Cutting Machine using SolidWorks in just 13 Minutes

In this informative video tutorial you will learn how to operate laser cutting machine using solidworks. In this video I am going to convert solidworks design file into DXF file and then I will import that dxf file in RD works which is basically a laser cutting machine’s software, at the end i will also […]

60 Watt CO2 Laser Unboxing and Initial Setup

I purchased a 60W CO2 laser from an eBay seller for around $2000 delivered. It’s a fantastic tool, but needed a few modifications and time to set up. 0:00 – Intro 0:23 – unboxing 2:19 – transfer to the floor from pallet 3:16 – fume extractor unboxing and setup 5:13 – storage rack 5:30 – […]

Sculpfun S10 and Lightburn: Setup and simple laser engraving demo for beginners

Link to the S10 Sculpfun Laser: https://sculpfun3d.com/productinfo/837257.html Download Lightburn Demo: https://lightburnsoftware.com/pages/trial-version-try-before-you-buy Download driver: https://sparks.gogo.co.nz/ch340.html Sculpfun site: https://sculpfun3d.com/ Links to all of the videos in this series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYsWjANuAm4o7qk6dEGR68387Mtd2ngyC Sclupfun D10 Places if you want one: Aliexpress: https://sculpfun.aliexpress.com (Global delivery) Geek buying: https://geekbuying.com/item/Sculpfun-S10-Laser-Engraver-500451.html Banggood (Global delivery): https://bit.ly/3RcgKl5 Amazon(US warehouse & fast delivery): https://amz.run/5jTv Amazon(US warehouse & fast […]

Sovol Laser Engraver Rotary Roller Unboxing& Setup on Sovol SV01 PRO and other 3D Printer Engraver

Sovol Laser Engraver Rotary Roller supports laser engraving on Cylindrical Objects. It’s compatible with Sovol SV01, SV02, SV03, SV04; Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2, Ender 5, Ender 5 Pro. In this video, we unbox and set up the laser roller on Sovol new 3D Printer Sovol SV01 PRO. Learn more about the […]

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