Daily Archives: 10/03/2023

How to distinguish the performance of the plate-tube integrated laser cutting machine?

The plate-tube integrated laser cutting machine can not only reduce the floor space, but also reduce the investment cost. It is an ideal choice for users with dual cutting requirements of plates and pipes. Every manufacturer is boasting about the good performance of its products, but it is difficult for users to judge whether the […]

Why does the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine slow down?

If the fiber laser cutting machine has been used for a long time, it will be found that the cutting speed is becoming slower and slower, and the cutting quality is getting worse and worse, which seriously affects the work efficiency and the product quality, which is completely inconsistent with the original intention of users […]

What factors affect the quality of fiber laser cutting machine?

The cutting quality is not ideal. When the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutter is not ideal, it is recommended to carry out general inspection first. The inspection contents and sequence are as follows: 1. The actual cutting height is recommended to be between 0.8 and 1.2 mm. If the actual cutting height is […]

Some Skills of Laser Cutting Machine in Machining Round Holes

Everyone has long heard about the flexibility and efficiency of laser cutting machine processing. Now, the conventional round hole cutting is also started to be realized by optical fiber laser cutting machine. The finished cutting product is not only smooth in section, but also flexible in changing the processing aperture to meet the diversified needs […]

The quality of servo motor directly affects the stable operation of laser cutting machine

Why should customers emphasize the need to configure imported servo motors when ordering laser cutting machines? Because servo motor is a very important component of laser cutting machine, its quality also directly determines the stability of equipment use, especially in the deformation of processing contour, which can be said to be very important. In addition […]

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