Why does the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine slow down?

If the fiber laser cutting machine has been used for a long time, it will be found that the cutting speed is becoming slower and slower, and the cutting quality is getting worse and worse, which seriously affects the work efficiency and the product quality, which is completely inconsistent with the original intention of users to purchase laser cutting equipment. Although it is a very normal situation, what causes the slow cutting speed? If the fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time, the power attenuation is inevitable. What we need to do is to delay the power attenuation, and even ensure the normal operation of the equipment and product quality after the power attenuation.

The entire optical path system of the fiber laser is divided into the external optical path system and the internal optical path system. The internal optical path system is sealed without user maintenance. What the user needs to do is the maintenance of the external optical path. After understanding the reasons for the slow cutting speed and poor cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine, we should strengthen the maintenance and routine maintenance of the laser cutting equipment to ensure the work efficiency, product quality and economic benefits.

Pay attention to the impact of environmental factors. The bad environment will also cause the power attenuation of the fiber laser cutting machine if the lens is polluted. Therefore, dust, smoke, etc. should be avoided at the processing site. The auxiliary gas used shall ensure the quality of compressed gas as much as possible, and the water of cold water facilities shall be protected from pollution. Since we know that the slower cutting speed and the worse cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine are related to the power attenuation of the fiber laser, it is necessary for users to pay attention to the use and normal maintenance in order to increase the service life of the fiber laser.

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