445nm Laser Engraver / CNC Machine

Arduino based Laser Engraver

More information about the machine is available on Instructables:
More pictures at: getburnt.weebly.com

Also, visit the Obrary blog for some laser engraving tips:

Major Components:
– 1x 445nm Laser Diode (1.5-2W)
– 2x 16mm Ballscrews (400mm length, C7 rating)
– 4x 16mm Linear bearings on 16mm shafts
– 2x NEMA 23 Steppers (1.8Nm torque rating)
– 2x Stepper motor drivers (configured for half-stepping)
– Frame: 50x50mm aluminium posts and aluminium angles / flat bars
– Tray: A4 sized acrylic sheets
– 90W lab power supply at 36V for stepper drivers
– 10V 1.5A power brick for the laser circuit

– Custom C# Program – converts a bitmap to an “instruction” text file
– Processing IDE serial streamer
– Arduino sketch that interprets the received serial stream

Music: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul by The Glitch Mob


laser engraver

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