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445nm Laser Engraver / CNC Machine

Arduino based Laser Engraver More information about the machine is available on Instructables: http://instructables.com/id/Arduino-Laser-Engraver/ More pictures at: getburnt.weebly.com Also, visit the Obrary blog for some laser engraving tips: http://blog.obrary.com/tips-for-a-diy-laser Major Components: – 1x 445nm Laser Diode (1.5-2W) – 2x 16mm Ballscrews (400mm length, C7 rating) – 4x 16mm Linear bearings on 16mm shafts – 2x […]

Laser Cutting ABS Plastic with J Tech Photonics 2.8W and 3.8W 445nm laser kits

This video demonstrates cutting of 1/8″ ABS plastic using both the 2.8W and the 3.8W J Tech Photonics laser kits. Both do a great job of cutting with a minimal kerf and leave a clean cut. The 3.8W of course is a bit faster with less passes. For more information go to: jtechphotonics ONLY CUT […]

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