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Non-Metals Cutting By a Fiber LASER Cutting Machine | ESSELL Engineering | Vivek Chaudhary

Check Our CNC LASER Cutting Course on Udemy -https://udemy.com/course/laser-cutting-course/?referralCode=2B4F0F0A4246136C5999 Join this channel to get access to our Exclusive Videos – https://youtube.com/channel/UCPKq1ixeBUWHpjRfIl-NVyg/join 00:00 – Introduction to Non-Metals 02:44 – Plywood Cutting 04:32 – MDF Cutting 05:52 – ACP Cutting 07:14 – HPL Cutting 08:58 – Koreian Cutting 11:16 – General Information This is a Successful Experiment […]

Designing Laser Cut Joinery in Fusion 360

3D-design for 2D-prototyping can sometimes be a beast to tackle, and at best with a lot of structural and aesthetic limitations. Here, we make that process a little easier by designing with layered laser-cut parts that allow for some more creative and dimensional approaches to what would normally be traditional woodworking joinery. We cover the […]

Laser Cut Origami?! (ft. Physics)

Complex origami patterns like Miura Ori have incredibly cool mechanical properties, but look really hard to make. So we cheated and used our laser cutter. With this style, we also didn’t get any extra creases– just clean tesselating folds! For more on Origami physics, check out what the Cornell Department of Physics is up to: […]

445nm Laser Engraver / CNC Machine

Arduino based Laser Engraver More information about the machine is available on Instructables: http://instructables.com/id/Arduino-Laser-Engraver/ More pictures at: getburnt.weebly.com Also, visit the Obrary blog for some laser engraving tips: http://blog.obrary.com/tips-for-a-diy-laser Major Components: – 1x 445nm Laser Diode (1.5-2W) – 2x 16mm Ballscrews (400mm length, C7 rating) – 4x 16mm Linear bearings on 16mm shafts – 2x […]

One More LASER Cutting | Higglo Engineering | Vivek Chaudhary

Check Our CNC LASER Cutting Course on Udemy -https://udemy.com/course/laser-cutting-course/?referralCode=2B4F0F0A4246136C5999 Join this channel to get access to our Exclusive Videos – https://youtube.com/channel/UCPKq1ixeBUWHpjRfIl-NVyg/join Thanks for watching this video for more info you can contact or follow us whatsapp +91 8630350369 mail – essellvivekkumargmail.com laser Instagram – https://instagram.com/ultralaser1/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/vivek_chaudhary01/?hl=en Facebook: https://facebook.com/vivekchaudhary001/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel&eid=ARBRBxBrwav9nKERlr9NJsgaWB4qnkmk6mTqzMvSfXkB95YOzpdu0O-IS-oIRhWzbCgbu_d8qdA8IgeN UCPKq1ixeBUWHpjRfIl-NVyg laser cutting for #LASER #Cutting […]

Laser cutting – How to save as DXF in Fusion 360

► Get Fusion 360 | http://autode.sk/11CfIDv SUBSCRIBE | http://autode.sk/11vxXeD FACEBOOK | http://autode.sk/19jII5A TWITTER | http://autode.sk/19jIJXc UCiMwMz3RMbW5mbx0iDcRQ2g laser cutting #Laser #cutting #save #DXF #Fusion

Moving Things Around With Motors! – CO2 Laser Cutter Part 3

In this video I’m continuing to work on my Co2 laser cutter. I added motors and timing belts to control the motion of the laser. Then I connected the motor drivers and laser controller to the machine and finished things off by moving the laser head around the work area. New videos are uploaded as […]

H beam laser cutting video,use fiber laser to cut H beam from Wuhan HE laser engineering company

Wuhan HE laser engineeringpany. we apply a fiber laser machine with dual use for sheet and pipe cutting. Using the pipe chunk to fix the H beam. the H beam diagonal is 350mm. this video last for more than 5 mins. We apply it with WSX laser cutting head, and cypcut 3000 software UCxir3dhMmz6sOMoS5h72wCQ laser […]

World's FASTEST Laser Engraving Machine

SLTL is based out of Gujarat, India. They build industrial laser machines for a variety of industries ranging from diamonds to defense. They also build laser CNC and pulse welding machines (also in the video) For more information, go to sltl. UC9iHcD8v9l3yCId0aHsWvYA laser engraving machine #World39s #FASTEST #Laser #Engraving #Machine

50W Laser Cutter/Engraver Unboxing and Quick Review

We join Joe for the unboxing of his new 50 Watt CO2 Chinese Laser Cutter/Engraver. It is a generic brand, generally found on eBay. Looks like he got lucky and was shipped a version with the motorized lift! This video does not substitute any instruction from the manufacturer. If you are using a laser cutter, […]

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