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What are the advantages of groove laser cutting machine?

In the manufacturing and processing of automobile manufacturing, industrial and agricultural machinery, ships and ships, because many parts and components need to be beveled at a certain angle due to the design structure, which lays a good foundation for the next welding process. However, traditional processing methods such as flame and plasma often produce deep […]

Which is the strongest manufacturer of Wanwa laser cutting machine?

With the rapid development of laser, the technology is more stable and mature. The fastest knife, laser, has been applied in more fields and scenes. Faced with more demands and challenges, the power of laser cutting machines has also been continuously improved. With the arrival of the “ten thousand watt era”, the large processing industry […]

How to color laser marking?

Can laser marking be colored? In recent years, with the rapid development of laser technology, the application level of laser technology has gradually improved. Color laser marking is a new laser marking technology. Mainly used in stainless steel, chromium, titanium and other metal materials to carve color patterns. It is found that the key to […]

Attention to fire prevention of metal laser cutting machine and factors affecting price

When using the metal laser cutting machine, we should pay attention to the fire prevention measures, and take good fire prevention measures to ensure our safety when using the metal laser cutting machine. Therefore, we should know the fire prevention precautions when using the metal laser cutting machine So, what fire precautions should be paid […]

Two common problems of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing

In order to strengthen everyone’s understanding of the laser cutting machine, two common problems in sheet metal processing are sorted out and solutions are provided so that customers can adjust themselves when they encounter these problems in production. Question 1: When cutting carbon steel, there are always burrs on the cutting surface? Answer: As we […]

How is the text printed on the canned coke?

The comfortable words and various patterns on the canned cola can be customized at will. For example: “2019, we are just the beginning of love”, “If you are always here, I will always love you”, “Since I met you, this life is all about you”, “Dear, I just want to spend the rest of my […]

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Bamboo Products

Bamboo has been known as fresh and elegant by scholars since ancient times. Bamboo, with the wind blowing through the clouds, is elegant and elegant; Straight section is unyielding, with a firm and upright bone; He has the virtue of modesty and openness. The spirit, temperament and character of bamboo have long been integrated with […]

How to control the cutting accuracy of metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine is realized by using high power density energy generated after laser focusing. It uses a precision ball screw transmission mechanism and optimizes the control of the CNC system, which can meet the requirements of precision parts processing, and its dynamic performance is stable and it can work for a long time. […]

Which industries are laser cutting machines generally used in

What industries are laser cutting machines generally used in? In the process of understanding various cutting machines, we all know about cutting. The industry needs our cutting technology very much, and so does the metal industry. In various metal industries, everyone will feel that our cutting technology has reached the peak. But in fact, human […]

Can laser cutting machine glass also be carved

Can laser cutting machine cut glass better for carving? CO2 laser cutting machine and CO2 laser marking machine are available. As we all know, there are many handicrafts made by different carving methods in our life. For most people, you should first know how to conduct market analysis in different ways. With the continuous improvement […]

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