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Laser Cut Metal Furniture

With the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the application of laser cutting technology is becoming more and more extensive. In addition to being widely used in sheet metal processing, hardware cabinets, elevator processing, hotel metal supplies and other industries, metal laser cutting machines are also used in the furniture industry, illuminating a […]

Laser Cut Glass Film

Glass film can not only play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-collision, safety and explosion-proof, etc., but also spread corporate culture and render festive atmosphere. Therefore, it is widely used in business, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, furniture and other spaces. Laser cut glass film, so that there is also a hazy feelingAccording to […]

The processing advantages of laser pipe cutting machine!

The processing advantages of laser pipe cutting machine! The advantages of laser tube cutting machines in sports equipment manufacturing are obvious, the demand for sports and fitness is increasing rapidly, and the demand for the quantity and quality of fitness equipment is also stimulated. Because tubing processing in the fitness equipment industry, such as spinning […]

How does a laser cutter cut perforations?

One of the cutting processes of laser cutting machines is cutting perforation technology, and there are currently two processing methods for this technology: blast perforation and pulse perforation. The effects of different cutting and perforating methods are also different. Therefore, before operating the cutting machine for perforation processing, it is necessary to fully understand these […]

How to adjust the precision of laser cutting machine?

After the laser cutting machine is installed, it cannot be put into use immediately, and related trial running tests and adjustments are also required. Because many people are anxious to put it into use after installation, the accuracy of the cutting machine equipment is not adjusted well, resulting in failure and poor cutting. So the […]

Why do laser cutting machines have errors?

Once it is found that the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine is not up to standard, it is very likely that there is an error in the operation of the equipment, resulting in substandard cutting quality. Therefore, when it is found that there is an error in the cutting machine equipment, it must […]

How to maintain the laser cutting machine in summer?

In summer, it is very obvious that the temperature is high, and the high temperature will affect the use of the laser cutting machine to a certain extent. Therefore, in the summer, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the cutting machine equipment to avoid some external factors that have a bad […]

How to reduce the loss of laser cutting machine?

After a long time of use, the laser cutting machine will inevitably have some loss. Once the loss is too heavy, it will affect the service life and use effect of the equipment parts, which will indirectly lead to the poor cutting quality of the cutting machine equipment. So in the face of this situation, […]

Laser Engraved Acrylic Night Light

The night needs to be quiet and warm An acrylic night light Like “the sky and the night are as cool as water”, the firefly Like the stars in the cold night in the fairy tale country Carrying the sparkling stars at night, accompany you to sleep Laser engraved acrylic night light, may you be […]

Fabric leather automatic punching equipment – fabric laser punching machine

In the application of many fabrics, it is necessary to punch holes to achieve certain needs, such as: punching holes for ventilation holes in clothes, punching holes for decorative styles, punching holes for filter materials, etc. Today, Xiaobian will introduce a fabric for various materials. Equipment for punching holes in leather – laser punching machine. […]

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