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Analysis of the reasons for power reduction of fiber laser cutting machine

There are some more or less losses in the long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, such as slow cutting speed and poor cutting accuracy. Many people think that the laser power has decreased. There are many reasons that affect the power reduction of laser cutting machine, not necessarily the problem of laser. The following […]

Why is the servo motor of laser cutting machine easy to heat?

The servo motor of laser cutting machine has such remarkable characteristics as no long-term accumulation of error, good control performance, starting, stopping and turning in a few pulses, and no loss of motion. Therefore, the servo motor is widely used in precision machining machine tools. The laser cutting machine famous for its high efficiency and […]

What is the difference between multimode fiber and full-wave fiber of laser cutting machine?

1、 Multimode fiber The center core of multimode fiber is relatively thick (50 or 62.5 μ m) , can transmit multiple modes of light. Commonly used multimode fiber: 50/125 μ M (European Standard), 62.5/125 μ M (American standard). In recent years, the application of multimode optical fiber has grown rapidly, mainly because the world’s optical […]

Why do electromechanical manufacturing enterprises choose fiber laser cutting machines?

With the vigorous development of electromechanical manufacturing industry, the fiber laser cutting machine industry, as the basic industry of electromechanical manufacturing, has also been rapidly expanded. Its development cannot be separated from the support of high technology and advanced production equipment. How to use automation to improve product quality and realize the brand effect of […]

What is the reason why the laser cutting machine is not smooth enough?

In the early operation of laser cutting machine, beginners often find that the cutting section of the workpiece is not ideal, the finish is not good, and the resulting accuracy is not up to standard or even the workpiece is scrapped. So what is the reason for this problem that has not been completely solved? […]

How to measure the machine tool accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine

We all know that the stability and accuracy of the machine tool also affect the accuracy and cutting quality of the laser cutting machine, among the factors that affect the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine. So how do users judge the stability and accuracy of the machine tool of the fiber laser cutting […]

When purchasing laser cutting machine, we must look at these six core accessories?

At present, there are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines. Although the equipment they produce is called fiber laser cutting machines, just like cars, the processing efficiency and effect of different equipment inside will vary greatly. For fiber laser cutting machines, the six core accessories must be taken into consideration when purchasing. When purchasing a […]

What is the difference between stepper motor and servo motor of optical fiber cutting machine?

Stepping motor is a discrete motion device, which has essential connection with modern digital control technology. In the current domestic digital control system, the stepper motor is widely used. With the emergence of servo motors, servo motors are also increasingly used in digital control systems. In order to adapt to the development trend of digital […]

Which is better for single side drive or double side drive of laser cutting machine?

With the development requirements of laser processing applications to high speed, high speed and high stability and the improvement of control technology, many people will choose laser cutting equipment for cutting metal materials at present. Its high efficiency, material saving and simple operation are the necessary models for many processing industries. For people who have […]

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