How to choose a good laser cutting machine?

In recent years, laser cutting has been widely used in sheet metal processing, agricultural machinery, rail transit and other industries. When you want to buy a laser cutting machine, it is difficult to distinguish between large and small brands of equipment. Facing the numerous laser cutting equipment on the market, how do you choose a laser cutting machine suitable for your own needs? There is an old saying in China: Don’t be afraid to be illiterate, just be afraid to compare goods! Compared to what? Specific cutting accuracy; Specific cutting efficiency; Specific maintenance cost; Than the service life!
1. Cutting accuracy
Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting a machine tool. It refers to the contour accuracy of the cutting workpiece, not the static accuracy marked on the sample! The difference between a good machine tool and a bad machine tool lies in whether the precision of high-speed cutting parts will change, and whether the consistency of the workpiece will change greatly when cutting at different positions!
2. Cutting efficiency
Cutting efficiency is the index to evaluate the profit of laser cutting machine. Cutting efficiency refers to the time when a workpiece is cut, not just the cutting speed! Parameters can be faked, only the cutting time can not be faked! The higher the cutting efficiency is, the higher the processing cost is, and the lower the operating cost is. It is a tool for making money!
3. Maintenance cost
At present, the maintenance cost of laser cutting machine mainly comes from the maintenance cost of laser! Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable laser. Common laser providers include Wuhan Ruike, Shenzhen Chuangxin and Germany IPG, but the maintenance and use costs of each laser are different.
4. Service life
The service life is an index to evaluate the cost saving of the machine. The longer the service life of the machine tool, the lower the depreciation cost of the laser cutting machine. The main factors that determine the service life of the machine tool are as follows: ① The rigidity of the machine tool. Simply speaking, the heavier the tonnage of the machine tool, the better the rigidity! ② The configuration of machine tool components, as well as the brand and quality of transmission components! ③ Process manufacturing level, enterprise’s process accumulation and experience inheritance!

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