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How to choose a good laser cutting machine?

In recent years, laser cutting has been widely used in sheet metal processing, agricultural machinery, rail transit and other industries. When you want to buy a laser cutting machine, it is difficult to distinguish between large and small brands of equipment. Facing the numerous laser cutting equipment on the market, how do you choose a […]

The use and advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machine

To understand the uses and advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machines, we must first know that there are two main types of laser cutting machines: fiber laser cutting machines and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, also known as metal laser cutting machines, and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines. The machine […]

It is important to choose laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine includes an open laser cutting machine and an interactive laser cutting machine. The open laser cutting machine is a single platform laser cutting machine without a large surrounding structure. This laser cutting machine has a very high performance price ratio, and is generally used for cutting metal plates. The interactive laser […]

Which brand of laser cutting machine manufacturer is better

With the implementation of China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, the laser cutting machine as a metal material cutting equipment has become one of the indispensable metal forming equipment for many enterprises. In the face of numerous laser cutting machine brands, how should we choose? Which brand is better? Today, Han’s Superman shares with you. First of […]

What are the common models of laser cutting machine

The common models of laser cutting machines include plane plate laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine dedicated to pipe cutting, and three-dimensional laser cutting machine for cutting curved surface materials. The most common model is plane plate laser cutting machine, which is the most widely used, the largest market, and highly recognized. There are […]

Prime (2013series) | 2D laser cutting machine | SLTL Group

SLTL introduced PRIME (2013series) fiber laser cutting machines designed to provide all your industrial requirements. We are popular for intervention in the industry with pioneering innovations.Prime is a by-product of SLTL Group’s trademark Brahmastra Laser Cutting series. The system stands tall in reliability, efficiency and productivity. Read More about this product sltl/product/3/prime.html And, More products […]

The Best Laser Cutter For A New Business | Speedy 100 vs. Speedy 300 | Trotec

This week, James will be discussing the best laser cutting machine for a new business and he’s putting the Speedy 100 against the Speedy 300 laser cutter. The specific points he will be covering are: 1:44 – Bed Size 2:29 – Laser Power 3:02 – JobControl Features 4:02 – Lase Head/Lenses 6:31 – Stand 7:19 […]

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