Sovol 500MW/20W Laser Engraver Module Engraving Wood Installing on 3d printer CNC Machine

Hey, you may receive your laser module recently, this video will show you how the set up and use it. 😁
Note: NO NEED to take out the mainboard, the installation on SV02 is the same as on SV01
More info about the laser engraving module:
Sovol 5W and 10W output laser module:
Sovol SO-2 5W/ 10W Output Laser Engraver& Laser Cutter:

Sovol Laser module can work on Sovol SV01, Sovol SV02, Sovol SV02, Ender3, Ender3 pro, Ender5, Ender5 pro, and support the following materials: Wood, Acrylic, Paper, Leather, Plastic, Plywood, Foam Paper, Coated Aluminum, MDF, Balsa, Fabric

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