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Laser Custom Acrylic Lamp Tom & Jeery–Cloudray CO2 Laser Engraver

Hi, everyone, this is Cloudray team 🙂 Cloudray laser offers fiber laser machines and laser machine parts. These include CO2 laser tube, laser power supply, water cooling system, controller, DIY parts, electronics, and accessories. A specific discount for Cloudary Laser Machine, 👉$150 OFF Code: YTB 😆Professional operation, Sincere attitude, never stop improving, and effective execution […]

Introducing Sovol SO-2 40W Laser Engraver/Cutter/Pen Plotter Laser Engraving Stainless Steel, Glass

Sovol SO-2 5W output Laser Engraving& cutting& pen plotter 3 in 1 machine is released!! Bigger Size, Higher Laser Power, at an amazing price only $229!! Buy it: https://sovol3d.com/products/so-2-laser-engraving-cutting-machine-pen-writing-drawing-all-in-one Features: Bigger Size: 210*280mm Higher Laser Power: Standard 40W input 5W optical power; more options on the product page. 32 Mainboard, safe and more functions Z […]

Kickstarter : DJ6, An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life

Kickstarter Campaign Link: https://bit.ly/3kWOTXL DJ6 can engrave patterns, designs, logos and images on virtually any materials including wood, glass, colored ceramics, painted metal, food, acrylic, leather, fabric, plastic, and more. With DJ6, you can create anything you ever dreamed of. From unique gifts to amazing artwork, DJ6 is the perfect tool to turn your ideas into reality! […]

2022 Best 3D Subsurface Laser Crystal Engraving Machine for Bubblegram Making

Looking for 3D subsurface laser crystal engraving machine for custom bubblegram making? Need laser engraved inside glass for personalized crafts or gift making? Review the 2022 top rated 3D laser internal engraving machine for crystal. 3D laser crystal engraving machine can inner engrave 2D and 3D patterns in crystal, glass and acrylic, etc the transparent […]

Sovol 500MW/20W Laser Engraver Module Engraving Wood Installing on 3d printer CNC Machine

Hey, you may receive your laser module recently, this video will show you how the set up and use it. 😁 Note: NO NEED to take out the mainboard, the installation on SV02 is the same as on SV01 More info about the laser engraving module: https://sovol3d.com/products/laser-kits Sovol 5W and 10W output laser module: https://sovol3d.com/products/40-w-laser-engraver-kits-for-3d-printer-cnc-machine-laser-engraving-cutting-5w-output […]

Converting Ender 3 to laser engraver and cut

I have tried as much as possible to explain how to convert the printer to laser engraver and cut Basic components :- 1- Laser Module without ttl driver 2- DC-DC Step Down Converter (4.8V~38Vdc to 1.25V~36Vdc) You do not need to change any software to the 3D printer. Simply glue the magnet on the laser […]

K40 laser cutter bed upgrade

Honeycomb bed for the K40: In this video we upgrade the bed of the K40 laser cutter to a height-adjustable honeycomb bed with scales for aligning the workpiece. BLOG: https://wayofwood.com/k40-laser-cutter-bed-upgrade/ K40 SETUP: https://youtu.be/G5vTZGL-UBA ======= Tools/Supplies: – Honeycomb bed for the K40 laser cutter: https://wayofwood.com/tool/honeycomb-bed-for-the-k40-laser-cutter/ – K40 Chinese laser: https://wayofwood.com/tool/k40-chinese-laser/ ======= VISIT my website: Home ======= […]

xTool D1 Laser cutter/engraver first impressions

Using the xTool D1 laser to engrave a photo of my son onto a piece of hard maple. This has been a pretty cool machine to use but still learning a lot of the functions. Check out this video to learn more about both the laser engraver and its software. UC9jJGOTvEdFK2Xas3AxvvmA laser cutter #xTool #Laser […]

Sovol SO-2 Laser Engraver & Laser Cutter & Pen Plotter Drawing & Writing Machine Unboxing

Laser Engraving& Laser Cutting& Writing& Drawing Machine(options of 5w& 10w output) is available! sovol3d/products/so-2-laser-engraving-cutting-machine-pen-writing-drawing-all-in-one The unboxing video shows the parts of the SO-2 and how to assemble it. 00:00: Basic assemble 01:51: Installation and usage of the writing& drawing module 03:28: Installation and usage of the laser module The software we used for laser engraving […]


HOW TO START LASER CUTTING BUSINESS(FILIPINO STYLE) How to start laser cutting & engraving business Co2 Laser Machine 150w The process of MOTORCYCLE ACRYLIC PLATE CUTTING, TABLE SHIELD /BARRIER Sana may natutunan kayo sa video na ito pag dating sa laser machine. If you have any video rmendation Just leave ament. Make sure you S […]

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