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CO2 Laser Air Assist Upgrade

In this video I go step by step on how to remove the factory air assist in my Omtech laser and install a larger quieter air assist that turns on and off. Supplies used in this video Air Compressor – California Air tools – https://amzn.to/39UXgSi Regulator – https://amzn.to/3N6QM10 Solenoid – https://amzn.to/3L7mM3F Hose and Fittings – […]

CO2 Laser (Construction, Working along with Energy level diagram)

This video describes Carbon Di Oxide Laser , its construction and Working along with energy level diagram. Carbondioxide laser (Construction , working along with energy level diagram) CO2 Laser (Construction , working along with energy level diagram) carbon di oxide laser Carbon Di Oxide Laser Carbon di oxide laser UCXZGfBFowcp-nTee_O2i-Cw co2 laser #CO2 #Laser #Construction […]

Laser Engraving Cooking Utensils

https://epiloglaser.com/resources/sample-club/laser-engraving-metalutensils.htm Whether it’s for a summer cookout, a local restaurant, or cooking at home, these metal utensils are the perfect gift for grill masters and gourmet chefs alike! Add a personal touch to these tools with a logo, name, or a creative quote. Laser engraving cooking utensils is a fast and easy customization offering to […]


My ” SILVER PLAY BUTTON UNBOXING ” VIDEO ************************************************ LINK OF ” CO2 LASER : PART – 1 ( PRINCIPLE & CONSTRICTION ” VIDEO ************************************************ LINK OF ” Nd : YAG LASER ( Principle, Construction, Working, Energy Level Diagram ) ” Video. ************************************************ ABOUT THE CHANNEL ************************** In this channel you will find easiest notes […]

Laser Custom Acrylic Lamp Tom & Jeery–Cloudray CO2 Laser Engraver

Hi, everyone, this is Cloudray team 🙂 Cloudray laser offers fiber laser machines and laser machine parts. These include CO2 laser tube, laser power supply, water cooling system, controller, DIY parts, electronics, and accessories. A specific discount for Cloudary Laser Machine, 👉$150 OFF Code: YTB 😆Professional operation, Sincere attitude, never stop improving, and effective execution […]

Which CO2 Laser Should I BUY – My Motivation and Process

Join George as he shares the motivation and logic in buying a Class 1 CO2 laser. Will it be an Aeon, Thunder Omtech, or Boss? Motivation and Justification are big elements in a decision. Shop space is a big part of any decision. If you are curious about the other tools and supplies George uses […]

CO2 Laser Cut Wood / Oak Side Table – Boss Laser

Easy DIY laser cut end table made out of 1/4″ oak. See the price of this laser cutter here: https://bosslaser.com/boss-ls-2436.html What other materials can a Boss CO2 laser process? This CO2 hobby laser cutter can process: -wood (hard or soft) -acrylic -paper -plastics -tile -stone -leather -fabric -treated metals -anodized aluminum -and many more (NOTE: […]

Industrial CO2 Laser Coder TEARDOWN and repair! Part 1!

Episode #40 In this video I tear down a Domino D100+ Industrial Laser Coder! It has a high speed Galvo Scan head complete with all the amplifiers the drivers and Silicon mirrors, and beautiful Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) F-Theta lens. There is also a II-VI ZnSe Collimating lens and of course a 15W Synrad Carbon Dioxide […]

In the Cut – Laser Engraved Leather Baseball

On this episode of In the Cut, we engrave the Area 51 baseball team logo on a leather baseball! Seems appropriate, don’t you agree? UCEq3boI3lBW0A34xm7yt4RA laser engraved #Cut #Laser #Engraved #Leather #Baseball

Co2 Laser engraver Double line troubleshooting

Co2 Laser engraver Double line troubleshooting. We are new to CO2 Lasers and we wanted to share our first issue with our Monport. on our third project we found that the laser started having a double line on the project. Please check out the process we took to solve this issue. If you are interested […]

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