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Laser Engraved Ornaments

Christmas is coming, and all kinds of exquisite pendants and ornaments are starting to sell well. Although Christmas is not a traditional festival in my country, it has a great influence. Many shops and shopping malls will be decorated, and the Christmas atmosphere is also strong.Those exquisite decorations are the best items to set off […]

Laser cutting mask cloth

For those who love skin care in the cold and dry winter Masks are definitely an excellent choice for moisturizing in a wide variety of masks Patch type mask for its ease of use The advantages of significant moisturizing effect stand out from the Loved by many skin care professionals When choosing a sheet mask, […]

Laser Engraved Phone Case

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, smartphones have become a part of our life and work. Wherever we go, it is really an “opportunity” that cannot be missed! After buying a new mobile phone, all we have to do is to put a film on the beloved mobile phone and put on a […]

Laser marking scale

Scales play an important role in life and are indispensable measuring tools, which are widely used in all aspects of work and study. Design fields include: physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, architecture, clothing, etc. In view of the high standard requirements of various industries, every product is about perfection, and the scale (tape measure) is the […]

Laser Engraved Table Tennis Racket

Life lies in sports, and there are many kinds of sports nowadays. Table tennis is one of the most popular sports. The racket and table tennis go hand in hand, and both are indispensable. In sports, sometimes the racket is incorrectly held due to not being able to recognize the racket, and the real ball […]

Laser engraving pen holder

In traditional Chinese culture, pen, ink, paper and inkstone have always been indispensable. In addition, in the strong study culture, many auxiliary utensils are also indispensable. The pen holder is one of them, and its status in the study has not declined. It is a practical tool for people to study and work. Most of […]

CCD automatic edge patrol laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine has the advantages of high processing efficiency, smooth cutting edge, no noise and no pollution. The materials that can be applied by the laser cutting machine are acrylic, MDF, two-color board, wood, plexiglass, felt, leather, etc. Laser cutters can engrave, cut, and scribe. The laser cutting machine can make signs, signs, […]

How to print bitmap by laser marking machine

The laser marking machine is a kind of matching laser generator, which is controlled by computer software and combined with the focusing and deflection principles of optical lenses to project the laser onto the product surface. According to the drawings and parameters set by the software, the controllable laser makes the product surface discolor or […]

Application of laser cutting machine in parts cutting

Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, laser cutting has obvious advantages. Laser cutting combines highly concentrated energy and pressure, making it possible to cut smaller and narrower material areas, and significantly reduce heat and material waste. Because of its high accuracy, laser cutting can create complex geometries with smoother edges and clearer cutting effects.The main […]

What are the accessories of the laser cutting machine?

The core accessories of fiber laser cutting machine generally include: fiber laser, servo motor, control system, cutting head, laser lens, etc.A laser cutting machine has a complex structure and many accessories, and its technical advantages are also reflected by its high-precision accessories. The use of different accessories has a great impact on the performance of […]

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