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Laser Marking Food Packaging Bags

For a long time, consumers like to look at the information on the packaging bag when purchasing food to judge whether the ingredients are fresh. Generally speaking, the marking information on these packages is an important and intuitive basis for consumers to judge whether food is safe or not, and can effectively inform consumers of […]

Application of laser ma

With the development of the food industry, food safety problems continue to occur frequently. The production date and shelf life on the food packaging have been erased and tampered with; “cottage” products imitating well-known brands are rampant; the internal production process of the enterprise is not standardized, and the products cannot be traced. The existence […]

Application of laser marking machine on PE film

Laser marking machines can mark products made of PET materials, and are often used to mark production dates, codes, patterns, two-dimensional codes and other information. Items made of PET material have the advantages of high strength, good transparency, non-toxicity, anti-penetration, light weight and high production efficiency, so they have been widely used and are used […]

Application of UV laser marking machine in circuit board industry

The QR code can carry a large amount of information, which is the basis for the traceability of product information, but this means that each product can have its own unique QR code. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, portable thinning has become the mainstream, and […]

How to maintain the UV laser marking machine?

In the field of UV laser marking machine, it is mainly used for marking: flexible PCB board marking, FPC board cutting, silicon wafer, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, Communication equipment, building materials, Apple data cable, high-demand light-transmitting buttons, plastic parts that have passed UV oil and other […]

What aspects need to be measured when buying a laser marking machine

When you, as a manufacturer and purchaser, are going to buy a laser marking machine, you will find that there are many companies in the current chaotic laser equipment industry, and these large and small companies will also quote different prices. At this time, what are you concerned about? Problems can be affected from many […]

The effect of UV laser marking machine on marking plastic capacitors is remarkable

Through its “cold processing”, the UV laser marking machine can realize various plug-ins, exclusions, optocouplers, capacitors, varistors, thermistors, ceramic capacitors, triodes, thyristors, voltage regulator blocks, and integrated chips. and other electronic components laser marking. Will not cause damage to the plastic surface, good depth effect, thin lines, high precision, clear marking without burrs. The whole […]

Laser Engraved Musical Instruments

When the notes fly out of the box Wonderful is more than elegant tones It’s the instrument behind the sound When musical instruments meet laser engravers Play the most beautiful symphony in your soul The guitar carries the music dream of countless people Flip the guitar strings, the notes flow at your fingertips When musical […]

Laser Cut Glass Film

Glass film can not only play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-collision, safety and explosion-proof, etc., but also spread corporate culture and render festive atmosphere. Therefore, it is widely used in business, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, furniture and other spaces. Laser cut glass film, so that there is also a hazy feelingAccording to […]

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