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Laser cutting machine is used to cut glass

As we all know, glass is an important industrial material, which is widely used in automotive, construction, medical, display, electronic products and other industries. The remarkable feature of glass is that it is hard and fragile, which brings great difficulties to processing. The traditional glass cutting tool is made of cemented carbide or diamond. The […]

Cutting leather with laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine has been more and more widely used in life and production. Now, it is not only used in the production and life of traditional industries. It is also used in the design of fashion products. For example, in the current textile and clothing industry, luggage, shoes, craft gifts, household goods, electronic appliances, […]

The Most Economical Method of Cutting Sheet Metal with Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet metal now plays an important role in modern industry and commerce, such as architecture, decoration, furniture, hardware, advertising, machining, office stationery, etc. Optical fiber laser cutting machine has made great contributions to sheet metal cutting and processing. Fiber laser cutting technology has a history of decades, in which fiber laser has grown from a […]

How does the laser cutting machine cut the rusty plate?

As we all know, metal laser cutting machine is a sharp tool for sheet metal processing. In actual production, there is always the phenomenon of processing materials rusting, especially in the southern region. Steel plates are easy to rust due to humid environment. Therefore, many customers want to know whether the steel laser cutting machine […]

How to maintain the optical lens of the laser cutting machine?

As we all know, one of the most important components of fiber laser cutting machine is the characteristic laser cutting head with high precision and high price. Although the life of the laser cutting head does not affect the working efficiency of the cutting machine, it affects the production cost and factory income. In addition, […]

How to ensure the safe operation of the laser cutting machine?

1. Please observe the general operating specifications of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. Start the laser according to the start-up procedure of the operating specification. 2. Operators must be trained. Familiar with equipment structure, performance and operating system knowledge of optical fiber laser cutting machine. 3. Wear protective equipment and laser protective glasses as […]

Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

With the growth of stainless steel pipe production and consumption in China, pipe processing technology has developed rapidly. As a special laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine is mainly used for laser cutting of metal tubes. What are the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine? It mainly includes the following two points: 1. Flexibility […]

Laser cutting machine replaces CNC drilling machine

How does the laser cutting machine replace the traditional numerical control punch. Laser cutting machine is an important equipment currently used in the cutting industry. Laser cutting machine has been developing all the time, and has experienced the sweat and experiments of many researchers. In the past few years, CNC punches have generally been used […]

Advantages of dual platform laser cutting machine

With the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for metal cutting. As an indispensable equipment for metal cutting, laser cutting machine is widely used to cut various metal plates and pipes. It is mainly applicable to the rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized […]

What should we pay attention to when purchasing laser cutting machines?

As the main product of the laser cutting industry, the metal laser cutting machine market has experienced fierce competition in recent years. According to the recent market development, the future market situation will be more severe. Therefore, what should be paid attention to when purchasing metal laser cutting machine? Here are some suggestions for your […]