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Sound-absorbing board laser cutting machine

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panel, also known as glass wool, is a sound-absorbing material made of polyester fiber by hot pressing. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, flame retardant, light weight, easy processing, stability and impact resistance. It is widely used in the industry. In the application of sound-absorbing panels, it needs to be cut […]

EMI battery shielding material laser cutting machine – Electronic material laser cutting machine

EMI battery shielding materials refer to materials that can shield battery interference. Generally, they are widely used in the electronics industry, communications, military industry, security, automobile industry, etc. Common EMI electromagnetic shielding materials are as follows: conductive cloth, conductive cloth gasket, conductive rubber (strip), STM patch foam, conductive silicone, electromagnetic wave absorbing materials, etc. They […]

UV Picosecond Laser Cutting Machine

Copper foil aluminum foil is a metal sheet made of aluminum or copper. Because of its good thermal conductivity, material insulation, and high cost performance, it is widely used in the 3C electronics industry, such as battery pole pieces, capacitors, etc. Because it is usually used in the precision electronics industry with high precision requirements, […]

Upper and shoe material accessories carving equipment – shoe material laser engraving machine

Before the shoes leave the factory, in order to pursue the beauty of the shape and integrate different design elements, the surface is generally engraved with patterns, and some manufacturers will engrave product LOGO patterns on the surface of the shoes, which plays a role in brand promotion. So, how is this process accomplished? I’m […]

Aluminum mold hydrogen balloon special cutting equipment – composite film laser cutting machine

Many people call it aluminum foil balloon, hydrogen balloon, etc., which can be seen everywhere in life. The aluminum mold balloon first appeared in the late 1970s. Once it came out, it was deeply loved by people because it has good gas storage, certain pressure resistance, can maintain a long shape, and the surface can […]

Full heat exchange film laser cutting machine

The fresh air total heat exchanger is a kind of ventilation facility that continuously provides high performance and high efficiency, ensuring to drive indoor air circulation to form a constant humidity space. Air circulation. It is a product that improves the quality of people’s living environment. The editor will introduce to you a piece of […]

PTC Ceramic Laser Cutting Machine

PTC ceramics, also known as “positive temperature coefficient ceramics”, are a kind of electronic ceramics. They are often used in motor starting overcurrent protection, fire alarms, temperature measurement, constant temperature heating elements, and color TV degaussing. They are widely used in daily life. widely. So, how are PTC ceramics cut during the application process? I […]

Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Glass can be seen everywhere in life and is widely used, ranging from glass walls, glass doors, to mobile phone screens, glass cups, etc. Because glass is a brittle material with high hardness and brittleness, it greatly increases its cutting difficulty. Traditional glass cutting methods include: glass knife cutting, water jet cutting and flame cutting. […]

Pad printing steel plate laser marking machine

Pad printing steel plate is a special printing method – a consumable used in pad printing machines in pad printing, usually composed of steel plates of chrome steel, K460 steel, bearing steel, spring steel and other materials. is a core accessory. It can realize the printing of various flat and three-dimensional patterns on the surface […]

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