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Common problems of laser cutting machine

Do you know optical fiber laser cutting machine? With the development of fiber laser cutting technology, it has been applied in more and more fields, and more and more materials need it. However, can you answer the questions often encountered by optical fiber laser cutting machines? You can answer the following questions? 1. What is […]

Factors influencing the processing quality of metal laser cutting machine

As a processing industry, the requirements for product processing quality are very strict, so the requirements for equipment are also very high. As the equipment in metal processing, metal laser cutting machine has good advantages in product processing, with relatively low cost consumption, which is more beneficial to enterprises. Although the processing effect of metal […]

Guide for selecting laser cutting machine manufacturers

With the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in the field of metal processing. Many manufacturers have launched metal laser cutting machines to seize the metal cutting market. So how to choose the metal laser cutting machine that meets the demand […]

Factors influencing the quality of metal laser cutting

For the application of metal laser cutting machine, cutting quality is the first consideration. Metal laser cutting machine has good cutting quality and can create greater value for metal manufacturers. What factors will affect the cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine? Next, Chuyu Optoelectronics will introduce it to you. Influence of cutting speed on […]

Common problems and solutions of laser cutting machine

When using laser cutting machine to cut metal, various problems may occur, which seriously affect the work efficiency. So how should we solve these problems? This article will summarize some problems and solutions of metal laser cutting machine in use. Solution to Burr in Cutting Low Carbon Steel with Metal Laser Cutting Machine According to […]

How to get the best quotation of laser cutting machine

If you plan to start the fiber laser cutting business with a limited budget, you will not regret reading this article, which describes how to get the best quotation for the fiber laser cutting machine. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut metal, especially metal plate. With high precision and quality, it […]

How to select the appropriate CO2 laser cutting machine?

CO2 laser cutting machine performs well in non-metallic carving and cutting process. This is an economic way to start or expand business. The advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine can be summarized as follows: a。 High quality carving effect and high precision. b。 Even beginners are easy to start and operate. c。 The price is […]

Maintenance method of optical fiber laser cutting machine

At low temperatures, it is important to prevent the fiber laser cutter from freezing. Now let’s solve this problem through the maintenance measures of the laser generator and the chiller. Therefore, it is necessary to take some measures to keep the optical fiber laser cutting machine working normally in cold winter. Here are some practical […]

The problem of laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel?

When laser cutting machine is used to cut carbon steel, burrs usually appear on the workpiece. Why does this happen? Chuyu Laser will take you to learn. The following are possible causes: (1) Laser focus position shift. Focus position test is necessary. And adjust the offset according to the offset of the laser focus; (2) […]

Laser cutting machine is used to cut glass

As we all know, glass is an important industrial material, which is widely used in automotive, construction, medical, display, electronic products and other industries. The remarkable feature of glass is that it is hard and fragile, which brings great difficulties to processing. The traditional glass cutting tool is made of cemented carbide or diamond. The […]

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