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Sofa fabric laser cutting machine

In daily life, sofa, as the “soul” item in daily home decoration, occupies an important position in life. A stylish and comfortable sofa has become the pursuit of more and more people. Among all kinds of sofas, the chaise longue is especially popular among people. Its elegant lines and unique shapes not only highlight the […]

Glass cover laser cutting machine

Glass cover generally refers to a glass product that plays a protective role in mobile phones/tablets/electronic products, and is more common in electronic products. Usually, the glass cover is divided into a front cover and a rear cover, and its thickness is usually between 0.5-0.8mm. It is generally chemically strengthened glass, which not only protects […]

Conductive glue laser cutting machine

Conductive adhesive refers to a tape with conductive function, which is an indispensable new material in industrial electronics. It is often used in microelectronic assembly, or for bonding electrode sheets and magnet crystals, and is widely used. In the application of conductive adhesive, due to different application requirements, the conductive adhesive needs to be cut […]

Polystyrene sheet cutting equipment – PS sheet laser cutting machine

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic, a kind of plastic whose raw material is resin, referred to as PS plastic. It has the advantages of high light transmittance and high strength, and is widely used in building materials industry, automobile industry, handicraft industry, optical industry, etc. Such as automotive exterior parts, gear electronic housings, etc., lampshades, electronic […]

Upper and shoe material cutting and cutting equipment – upper laser cutting machine

The importance of shoes to people is self-evident. A pair of comfortable shoes is a must for everyone. To judge the quality of a pair of shoes, not only from the appearance, but also from the comfort of the shoes, the feel of the feet, etc. For different applications, we can choose different shoes, such […]

FPL electronic paper special cutting equipment – electronic paper laser cutting machine

E-paper, also known as digital paper, is an ultra-light and ultra-thin electronic display screen similar to paper. Its display effect is close to the effect of natural paper and is free from reading fatigue. Generally, the display technology that can realize comfortable reading like paper, ultra-thin, light, bendable, and ultra-low power consumption is called electronic […]

Medical Stainless Steel Hypotube Laser Cutting Machine

A hypotube is a long metal tube with micro-engineered properties throughout its conduit. It is an important component of the catheter for minimally invasive treatment and needs to be used in conjunction with balloons and stents to open arterial blockages. During this process, the hypotube needs to avoid kinking while being able to travel, track, […]

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Composite materials are widely used in all walks of life. Generally, some excellent characteristics of raw materials are combined and taken into account, and they are well-loved materials by the public. In composite materials, fiber-reinforced materials have always been the focus of attention. Such as glass fiber and organic resin composite glass fiber reinforced plastic, […]

Thin film laser cutting machine

PET film, also known as polyester substrate, is a plastic film with strong durability, firmness, high toughness, moisture resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance. It is often used as protective film on product surface, high barrier film and antistatic film, etc. In the application of PET film, it is often necessary to cut and […]

Sponge Laser Cutting Machine

Sponge is widely used in all walks of life, especially in the packaging industry. As a protective packaging, it plays a core role. Sponge can be seen in all walks of life. There are many kinds of sponges. Our common sponges are divided into: chemical sponges, industrial sponges, foamed cotton, rubber cotton and recycled sponges, […]

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