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What should we pay attention to when purchasing laser cutting machines?

As the main product of the laser cutting industry, the metal laser cutting machine market has experienced fierce competition in recent years. According to the recent market development, the future market situation will be more severe. Therefore, what should be paid attention to when purchasing metal laser cutting machine? Here are some suggestions for your […]

Adjustment method of cutting head of laser cutting machine

During the use of the laser cutting machine, there may be many reasons that cause the optical path to shift, resulting in no light or incorrect optical path. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the focus, that is, the light path. The cutting head adjustment method is as follows: Adjustment method of cutting […]

How to solve the burr caused by laser cutting?

Because laser cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality of finished products, flexible processing, etc., it has been increasingly favored by the sheet metal processing industry. However, when some customers use the laser cutting machine, there will be many burrs on the workpiece. Many people think that the quality of laser cutting […]

What to do if the laser cutting machine resets abnormally?

There is always some headache during processing, especially the abnormal reset of laser cutting machine. This is also an issue that everyone pays more attention to. In this case, what should we do? Since its use, the laser cutting machine has attracted much attention. The laser cutting machine is not only used for processing, but […]

What factors will affect the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine has the advantage of high cutting accuracy. High speed. Because there is no cutting pattern, low processing cost and other advantages, it is gradually replacing the traditional metal cutting equipment. At present, the application of laser cutting machine is more and more extensive. Therefore, cutting accuracy is also one of the most […]

How to maintain the laser head of the laser cutting machine?

With the maturity of domestic fiber laser technology, fiber laser cutting equipment with laser power exceeding 10kw has gradually become popular in the domestic market. Provide a better solution for thick plate cutting. However, many equipment manufacturers are not familiar with the configuration and operation of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, the senior […]

Influence of Wavelength on Laser Marking Machine

The type of laser marking varies according to the wavelength of the laser and the objects that can be marked. The feeling of completing each markup process will also vary, so the ideal model will vary depending on the purpose of the application. This question will introduce different types of laser marking machines and the […]

How to reduce the loss when cutting thin plates with laser cutting machine?

In recent years, with the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, thin fiber laser cutting machine technology has been more and more widely used in the field of metal processing. Thin fiber laser cutting machine is not a cheap equipment. Therefore, we should take good care of them when using them. […]

How to select the manufacturer of optical fiber laser cutting machine?

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a special equipment for cutting metal. The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are self-evident, with faster speed, higher precision and smaller cutting limit. The selection of optical fiber laser cutting machine usually needs to be compared with the quality and price of finished products. When choosing, we must […]

Why does the water temperature of laser cutting machine rise?

Metal laser cutting machine is a high-tech product invented in the era of rapid industrialization. Its advanced processing technology is widely welcomed in various industries. The birth of laser cutting machine has laid a foundation for industrial development. However, when using the metal laser cutting machine, many operators will find that the water temperature of […]

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