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Specific reasons for sawtooth in laser cutting machine

Vibration. If the laser cutting machine vibrates, the products it cuts will have serrations. It is divided into two reasons. One is the situation outside the machine, such as the machine is in the process of cutting, such as the water tank, the exhaust fan will not be too close, if it is too close, […]

What is a laser cutting machine? How does laser cutting work?

As the name suggests, laser cutters create patterns and designs by cutting materials. Powerful laser beams are the source of melting, burning or evaporating material. Essentially, laser cutting is a manufacturing process that uses a thin, focused laser beam to cut and etch material into custom designs, patterns and shapes specified by the designer. This […]

Application advantages of CO2 laser cutting in the mobile phone film industry

With the advent of the mobile network era, the popularity and explosive growth of smart phones have made consumers have higher and higher quality requirements for mobile phones, and the processing technology of related accessories has become more and more refined. Since film is a commonly used material for mobile phones, its cutting precision puts […]

UV laser cutting

Since the advent of UV lasers, excimer lasers have dominated UV “cold processing” applications, However, excimer technology also has many defects: all excimer lasers contain toxic gases, and the process of replacing, storing and adjusting special gases is very cumbersome. At the same time, they are bulky, expensive, and expensive to operate and maintain; UV […]

Advantages of plastic laser cutting machine

In today’s increasingly advanced technology, many high technologies have been innovated. For example, the current plastic processing can be processed with a plastic cutting machine. With this plastic laser cutting machine, customers can obtain the ideal plastic products. And its application range is also very wide, such as automotive, medical and other industries, as well […]

Laser cutting and CCD visual positioning

With the development of science and technology, CCD camera positioning technology is becoming more and more mature. The cooperation between laser cutting and visual positioning is inseparable. It has become an indispensable and important technology in modern processing and manufacturing industry and is widely used in clothing, packaging, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other industries. Laisai […]

Gasket laser cutting machine

Gasket refers to stamping or cutting with metal or non-metal materials and cutting into specific shapes to reduce pressure and increase friction, sealing, shock absorption, fixation and other effects. The gasket has been widely used in daily life, such as sealing gasket in common medicine and shock-absorbing gasket in cosmetics. Common sealing gaskets include paper […]

Five common mistakes in laser engraving and their avoiding methods

Whether you are an accomplished engineer or a novice manufacturer, learning the correct use of design equipment can avoid possible problems and errors and save time and energy. The problems that arise from time to time make designers do not know what they have done wrong or how to do better. This is true in […]

CO2 Paper Laser Cutting Machine

Paper converting processes typically run at very high speeds, with roll-to-roll laser cutters sometimes reaching speeds as high as 400m/min. Laser cutting achieves the cutting effect by vaporizing the surface of the paper, so the paper and card materials respond well to the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser wavelength range, the cutting process is fast and […]

Comparison and performance characteristics of four laser cutting machines

Fiber laser cutting machine, the principle of fiber laser cutting is through the transmission of optical fiber, the flexibility of the laser has been significantly improved, and there are fewer fault points, fast speed and convenient maintenance. It performs amazingly when cutting thin plates of about 3mm, which has a great advantage. However, due to […]

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