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Metal Jewelry Made by Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting is an excellent method for making complex parts of jewelry or decorations. Laser cutting jewelry is an increasingly common trend. Once you try, you will soon realize that it is becoming easier and easier to start producing your own works. Another advantage is that producing your own designs is actually very cheap. A […]

What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?

In recent years, a new type of cutting machine has been invented in the international market. This cutting machine has absolute advantages in both cutting speed and mechanical volume. Today, we will mainly talk about the main advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine. 1、 Advanced cutting technology This new optical fiber laser cutting machine […]

How to prolong the service life of laser cutting machine?

The main components of the laser cutting machine are the circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, light source system and dust removal system. The main parts of daily maintenance are cooling system, dust removal system, optical system and transmission system. Next, we will introduce you to equipment maintenance skills. 1. Cooling system maintenance The water […]

Precautions before purchasing laser cutting machine

The growing awareness of environmental protection has brought great challenges to the development of the global cleaning industry. In order to cope with this situation, various cleaning technologies and environmental protection technologies have emerged, among which laser cleaning machines are becoming more and more popular in the industrial field. The so-called laser cleaning technology refers […]

Application of Laser Technology in Jewelry Industry

With the use of fiber laser technology, the modern jewelry industry has been booming. For women who have been pursuing beauty and fashion, jewelry is an indispensable decoration. When choosing jewelry, texture, color, appearance, craftsmanship and particularity are the main factors that must be considered to obtain high-quality high-quality jewelry. As most jewelry is made […]

How to buy laser cutting machine?

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in metal cutting and nonmetal cutting industries. Optical fiber laser cutting technology has been quite mature in the current metal processing industry, and has a large market share. However, there are still many users who do not know how to choose the […]

Laser marking machine helps you prevent counterfeiting, tampering

With the development of the food industry, food safety problems continue to occur frequently, and the production date and shelf life of food packaging have been erased and tampered with. The fake famous brand “shanzhai” products are rampant; The internal production process of the enterprise is not standardized, and the products cannot be traced, which […]

How does the laser cutting machine handle highly reflective metals?

In the past decade, fiber laser has completely changed the processing technology of industrial materials with its unique combination of performance, reliability and cost advantages. Optical fiber laser source has replaced many traditional metal cutting methods in existing applications, which makes possible new applications that cannot be solved by previous technologies. One of the outstanding […]

Can laser cutting process high reflectivity materials?

At present, in addition to stainless steel and carbon steel, the metal processing industry also has a relatively wide demand for copper and aluminum. When purchasing a 6kw fiber laser cutting machine, many customers will ask if they can cut aluminum, copper and other highly reflective materials. In fact, several years ago, metal laser cutting […]

Why buy optical fiber laser marking machine?

Although optical fiber laser marking and engraving is an effective process, innovation and investment in this field continue to expand the performance boundaries. As more and more industries introduce optical fiber laser marking technology into enterprises, higher requirements are put forward for faster systems with higher power and larger bed size. With the growing concern […]