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Laser Engraving Focusing Techniques | Engraving Out of Focus

In this video we will be showing you some laser engraving techniques for engraving in and out of focus. We’ll be laser engraving anodized aluminum as our primary material. We’ll be comparing the results between a 1.5″ and a 2.5″ lens. It’s important to note that engraving quality will always be subjective. Which means that […]

Focusing your Co2 laser – Manual and Auto Focus

Review on what it means to focus your laser and how to perform this task on both manual and auto setups. Laser Blog: https://beardedbuildsco.com/blogs/laser-blog Affiliate Links OMTech Lasers: https://omtechlaser.com/LSG Affiliate code “LASERGUYS” Coupon code “LASERGUYS5OFF” Amazon.com/shop/beardedbuildsco Socials: Instagram.com/beardedbuildsco Facebook.com/beardedbuildsco UCdjlnfWvffdye8VIApqIfiQ co2 laser #Focusing #Co2 #laser #Manual #Auto #Focus

Auto Focusing 3 Axis Laser Marking

Learn more about Keyence Laser Markers at http://marking-central.com/LMAUTOFOCUS. Using a laser displacement sensor such as the IL series allows for automatic adjust of the laser even when parts change height by up to 42 mm. UCK0nh1V27-ZasbI35qHjoGA laser marker #Auto #Focusing #Axis #Laser #Marking

Manual Laser Cutting Head Focusing Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Testing cut, observe cutting section to judge if the focus point is too big or small. Slag (too big), Grain (to small). Turn on the focal point control panel before cutting head to do manual focal point adjust. When focal point data is 0, turn the focusing wheel to the left, then do cutting test. […]

tips on FOCUSING laser for BETTER cutting (K 40 laser cutter) k40

Keeping the laser focused and the mirrors and linens clean is extremely important. It’s a tedious process going back-and-forth with the mirror adjustments and verifying all four corners of the table are zeroed in. In the video I go through the process I’m getting the focus correct. I use masking tape to see where the […]

3D dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine | triumphlaser

Dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine for curved surface material Advantages: 1. High precision of 3D positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power and HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency); 2. The superior 3D image processing technology has the following advantages: friendly operation interface, suitable for many file formats, like dx, plt, […]

Focusing a 40W laser cutter

Support the It Kinda Works on Patreon: https://patreon/itkindaworks Join the IKW forums today and join the conversation! itkindaworks/forum Just a quick demo of how to find the focus point on a k40 laser cutter. REAL RIDE by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativmons.org/licenses/b… Music promoted by Audio […]