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tips on FOCUSING laser for BETTER cutting (K 40 laser cutter) k40

Keeping the laser focused and the mirrors and linens clean is extremely important. It’s a tedious process going back-and-forth with the mirror adjustments and verifying all four corners of the table are zeroed in. In the video I go through the process I’m getting the focus correct. I use masking tape to see where the […]

adding AIR ASSIST to a K40 laser engraver cutter (BIG DIFFERENCE)

This is the single most effective improvement you can make to your laser cutter and it’s not that hard. Here’s how we did it and the links for ordering the same stuff we used. AMAZON LINKS K40 laser cutter (with red dot laser, wheels & air assist): amazon/gp/product/B01EJDH1BO?th=1 air assist only: amzn.to/38uIvjh ****************************************** SUPPORT MY […]

how to use a K40 LASER cutter (tool review),Live Free

We have had good luck with this K 40 laser cutter. We had to make a few modifications, but they were pretty easy to make. In the video we show an example of how to cut an acrylic piece using raster imaging and laser cutting. We also show the modifications that we had to make […]