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World-Class CO2 Laser Revolution: xTool P2 CO2 Laser Machine Official Launch!

xTool P2! The BEST DESKTOP CO2 LASER CUTTER in the world! Welcome to the world-class CO2 laser revolution livestream … UCMLAJJhV2Rrzor87fogEjBw co2 laser cutting machine #WorldClass #CO2 #Laser #Revolution #xTool #CO2 #Laser #Machine #Official #Launch

xTool M1 Unboxing & Review – 3 in 1 Laser Cutting Machine. Create Products that Sell! Ad – Gifted

A huge thank you to xTool, who kindly gifted me their M1 laser cutting, engraving and blade cutting machine to try out! You can find the xTool M1 here: • US site: https://xtool.com/products/xtool-m1-the-ultimate-gift-making-laser-blade-cutting-machine-t?ref=uRPX4wcKZXohiB&utm_source=influencer • EU site: https://eu.xtool.com/products/pre-order-xtool-m1-worlds-first-desktop-hybrid-laser-blade-cutting-machine-1?ref=uRPX4wcKZXohiB&utm_source=influencer Premium Materials Package: • US site: https://xtool.com/collections/material/products/laser-material-box-pro?ref=uRPX4wcKZXohiB&utm_source=influencer ______________________________ ✦ Etsy Shop – https://etsy.com/uk/shop/HanmadeDesignsUK?ref=seller-platform-mcnav ✦ Supplies and Equipment I […]

How to Laser Engrave Round Objects | xTool RA2 Pro 4-in-1 Rotary Review

Learn how to laser engrave with the xTool RA2 Pro Rotary attachment from Makeblock xTool Laser cutter & engravers. 👉 xTool Ra2 Pro Attachment: https://xtool.com/products/xtool-ra2-pro-for-d1-with-risers?ref=GJ3shtoLyJcdw&utm_source=influencer I recommend THIS updated 20 Watt xTool Laser Bundle 👇 https://xtool.com/products/portable-diode-laserbox-d1-for-laser-engraving-laser-cutting-b?ref=GJ3shtoLyJcdw&utm_source=influencer 👉 Save Money with this 10 Watt Bundle xTool D1 Laser: https://xtool.com/products/portable-diode-laserbox-d1-for-laser-engraving-laser-cutting-d?ref=GJ3shtoLyJcdw&utm_source=influencer 👉 All xTool Products (Use this if […]

A Diode Laser Engraver to Buy or NOT? – Ortur Laser Master 3

Is the Ortur Laser Master 3 worth considering as you buy your Diode Laser. Lets look at the good and the bad of the situation with this new product launch and the Ortur Rotary. Here is a link to review and purchase the laser should you want to buy one. MTB: https://madethebest.com/products/ortur-laser-master-3-engraving-machine?variant=43008613155032&aff=21 Coupon: LM3ZB100 save […]


|| SUBSCRIBE || LIKE || COMMENT || SHARE || THANKS FOR WATCHING || Hi Bestie’s, I’m Lisa Marie! In this video, HOW TO CRAFT WITH A LASER ENGRAVING AND CUTTING MACHINE | xTool D1 LASER MACHINE REVIEW, I share with you the unboxing, assembly, demonstration, and review of the Makeblock xTool D1 Laser engraving and […]

Review of xtool D1 laser and comparison with a K40 CO2 laser

Comparison with a K40 CO2 laser ======= Product link: https://xtool.com/?ref=ex_aKNT9a3FjX&utm_source=influencer ======= VISIT my website: Home ======= FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Instagram – http://instagram.com/wayofwood Twitter – http://twitter.com/wayofwood Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/wayofwood Thingiverse – http://thingiverse.com/wayofwood ======= UCf2O0du4zmenNfsj9YOVQow co2 laser #Review #xtool #laser #comparison #K40 #CO2 #laser

Specialized Material Prep for Laser Engraving for xtool Laserbox

Hello and welcome back to Shar’s craft Haven. Today we have a viewer topic suggested by James Pelt in the official Xtool Laserbox Facebook Group.. How do you prepare your materials for lasering? (Cermark coating for metals you cannot physically etch without a fiber laser) Like and subscribe! Xtool Affiliate Link: https://xtool.com/?ref=SharsCraftHaven&utm_source=influencer Using my affiliate […]

Laser Engraving A Catch-All Tray

Today, I’m laser a custom catch-all tray. Do you want to start laser engraving or woodworking? Check out the links below to get started with your own laser! My Website: https://craftedbycharles.com/ Wood Finish – Crafted By Charles Board Butter: https://tinyurl.com/Board-Butter Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby! https://tinyurl.com/First-Alert Design and Laser Software – LightBurn: https://lightburnsoftware.com/ Designs: […]

Ring Engraving with xTool RA2 Pro and xTool D1 Laser Engraver 10W

Ring Engraving with xTool RA2 Pro and xTool D1 Laser Engraver 10W xTool : https://bit.ly/3xIQeZ2 xTool RA2 Pro: https://bit.ly/3Ahl3qP xTool D1: https://bit.ly/3OeLOQC xTool D1 Extension Kit: https://bit.ly/3nbKxOv xTool Enclosure : https://bit.ly/3bqOpIL xTool RA2 Pro: https://bit.ly/3Ahl3qP xTool 20W Diode Laser Module: https://bit.ly/3tXNhD0 xTool D1 Air Assist Set : https://bit.ly/3yhcVoC xTool Honeycomb: https://bit.ly/3OFBfFU amazon: xTool: https://amzn.to/3xmBiPZ xTool […]