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Summary of ten industry applications of laser engraving machine

In order to be familiar with and master the operation method and process requirements of laser engraving machine, the processing technology of various industries is briefly summarized. Large-area laser engraving machine, the larger the engraving area, the worse the corresponding engraving effect. Because the longer the beam of the large-area engraving machine, the more serious […]

What are the specific applications of laser engraving machines in the handicraft industry?

Now the engraving machine plays a very important role in people’s life. Many handicrafts used in our daily life are engraved by the engraving machine.The following briefly introduces several laser engraving craft gifts: Bamboo stick craftsLaser-engraved bamboo stick crafts can show the evolution of calligraphy art styles and genres in various eras, and have unparalleled […]

Laser engraving machine has become a new hot spot in the gift industry

As an emerging high-tech product, laser engraving machine has been adopted by more processing industries. Compared with traditional craftsmanship, laser engraving machines are eye-catching in various industries. It has really been brought into our life and work. For example, the craft gift industry that widely uses laser engraving country’s gift industry accounts for the […]

Application of laser engraving and cutting machine in carton packaging industry

As a typical application in the laser industry, laser engraving machine has become the preferred solution for many industries. With the continuous development and progress of laser engraving machine technology, laser engraving machine will completely replace traditional mechanical equipment. The larger the engraving area of ​​the laser engraving machine, the poorer the corresponding engraving effect. […]

Application of laser engraving machine in leather industry

The use of laser cutting machines in the leather industry breaks the problems of traditional manual and electric shears, such as slow speed, difficult typesetting, low efficiency and serious material waste. It is fast and easy to operate, which has brought great benefits to the development of the leather industry. You only need to input […]

Application of laser engraving machine in handicraft industry

Laser engraving handicrafts refer to the engraving handicrafts that use a high-energy conspiracy laser beam to project onto the surface of the material to make physical and chemical changes on the surface of the material, thereby obtaining visible patterns. Laser engraving crafts can be divided into: paper laser engraving crafts, fabric laser engraving crafts, bamboo […]

Application of laser engraving machine in printing and packaging industry

With the wide application of laser engraving machines, the printing and packaging industry printing plates have gradually applied laser engraving technology. The most common packaging in the printing and packaging industry is corrugated box packaging. However, corrugated box packaging can be divided into two categories, one is sales packaging, and the other is transportation packaging. […]

Application of laser engraving machine in decoration industry

There are many applications of laser engraving machines in the decoration industry. The following is an introduction to the engraving of wood: The first is logs, which are unprocessed wood. It is one of the most common laser processing materials in our daily life, and it is also easy to be engraved and cut. For […]

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