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Why does the fiber laser cutting machine have errors?

Fiber laser cutting machine (abbreviated as fiber cutting machine) mainly uses laser instead of traditional machine knife, which has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting speed. For metal processing equipment, many laser cutting machine enterprises hope to use this new tool to create greater benefits for the enterprise, including the time and economic […]

What industries are fiber cutting machines suitable for? What are the advantages?

Today’s technology has already entered the stage of rapid development, so we can often see optical fiber cutting machines in our lives. They have gradually replaced traditional processing equipment and are also used in various industries. However, for most people, there may be some doubts, such as what advantages they have?1、 What are the main […]

What are the high-quality performance of fiber laser cutting machine?

Although fiber laser cutting machine is not common in life, it is indispensable in mechanical production and industrial production. What are the high-quality performance of fiber laser cutting machine?First of all, the fiber laser cutting machine has a very high precision. When we cut things, we definitely hope that it can accurately cut things. Especially […]

How to purchase and maintain fiber laser cutting machine?

If the optical fiber laser cutting machine can be reasonably used in the production process of the enterprise, the work efficiency can be effectively improved after selecting the appropriate optical fiber laser cutting machine, and at the same time, the operating cost of the enterprise can be greatly reduced. However, most people do not know […]

What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine over CO2 laser cutting machine

Physical structure difference between the two laser cutting machines:In the physical characteristics of CO2 laser cutting machine, CO2 gas is the material that causes laser. However, fiber lasers are transmitted according to diodes and optical cables. The fiber laser system is made up of several diodes and hydraulic plunger pumps. The laser is then transmitted […]

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of CO2 laser cutting machine

A CO2 laser cutting machine is a CNC laser machine that uses laser technology to cut and engrave materials. Since CO2 laser cutting machine can also engrave, CO2 laser cutting machine is also called CO2 laser engraving machine. In addition, it is also called wood laser cutting machine or acrylic laser cutting machine, etc. Self-adhesive […]

Advantages of laser cutting machine in die-cutting board industry

Laser cutting machines are used in the die-cutting board industry, reducing the processing procedures, making the product more efficient and faster in delivery time; reducing operators and related supporting facilities (such as work platforms, special fixtures, punching machines, etc.), reducing Labor cost and product cost; reduce defective products caused by human operation, and the yield […]

Application of laser engraving machine in processing industry

With the continuous advancement of laser technology, laser engraving machines are widely used in various fields, and at the same time promote the rapid development of the processing industry. Laser engraving is a chemical reaction that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to rapidly vaporize the surface material or change its color […]

Application of laser engraving and cutting machine in advertising industry

With the development of computer, optical, electromechanical, control technology and materials, laser processing has gradually become a new processing technology. Laser engraving and cutting machine combines the functions of laser cutting and laser engraving, and is widely used in the advertising industry. Laser cutting and laser engraving are two different ways of working. Laser cutting […]

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