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Making a stamp with the laser cutter, CNC and 3d printer

In this video we make a stamp using a laser cutter for the stamp itself, a CNC to cut a base and a 3d printer to create the handle. We would like to show with the step by step tutorial that using these digital tools is actually quite simple and accessible. BLOG: MANUAL STAMP […]

LP130e Laser Marking System

LP130e is a desktop laser marking system for ablating or phase-changing of durable films. Print durable labels for military, medical assets, automotive and more. Primera’s new LP130e Laser Marking System is built to be used right on your desktop or workbench, making the laser marking process easy and convenient. UCqeEdD8u81gwdeK5Z79knBA laser marking #LP130e #Laser #Marking […]

3d 100w fiber laser marker

100W 3D MOPA fiber laser marker F20 : skype: bryant816 what’s app: +8615314183288 UCEcX5HgDXhw1U1k34tsTlyQ laser marker #100w #fiber #laser #marker

10mm acrylic laser cutter 130watts co2 laser engraving cutting machine

130watts co2 #lasercut for 10mm acrylic Email: #lasercnc #co2laser #cortelaser UCHUE0Pnyi_wu7SJ3HS6nEiA laser cutter machine #10mm #acrylic #laser #cutter #130watts #co2 #laser #engraving #cutting #machine

How to Color Fill Laser Engraved Granite Stone Tiles

Today I will show you how we at color fill laser engrave granite tiles this process took us years to perfect and in fact still working on it let me know what you think paint I used for the color fill you can find it here my secret granite tile Sorry I bought […]

Laser engraving machine –customize your favorite

Come here for more similar products: Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave objects. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out, giving it an advantage over the alternative engraving. It can be used in bamboo, […]

Ritchey Animal Ear Tags Laser Engraving by Fiber Laser Engraver

This Fiber laser engraver is a good choice for engraving animal ear tags, ritchey cattle tags, Goats Ear Tags, Cow Year Tags, Pig Year Tags, etc. For more machine information, please visit : JINAN WINTEK CNC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD Linda Li(Sales Manager) Wechat : linda-service │Whatsapp : 0086 13678816312 Website: Address : No.1201,Unit 1, […]

Laser cutting of blanks: Laser Blanking Line

Innovative and economical series production of bodywork parts. With three powerful laser cutting heads, the Laser Blanking Line 3.21 is particularly suitable for the efficient production of outer skin blanks made of steel or aluminum. Learn more on our website: ■ Follow us on Social Media: ■ About Schuler: Schuler offers […]

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