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What are the advantages of using laser cutting perforated glass?

Glass is widely used in various industries, such as glass doors and windows in the decoration industry, glass display cabinets, windshields in the automotive industry, rearview mirror glass, display screens in the electronics industry, mobile phone planes, glass substrates, etc., as well as glass in the medical industry. Bottles, glass tubes and other electrical appliances. […]

How to solve the yellow edge when laser cutting and engraving paper?

Sometimes when you engrave paper with a paper laser engraving machine, you will find that the cutting edge will turn yellow. Why is this? Let’s take a look at the reasons why the laser engraving and cutting paper turns yellow. There are problems with the paper itself, such as paper is made of recycled paper, […]

What materials can a laser cutting machine cut?

Laser cutting is so popular mainly because of its versatility. Laser cutters can cut materials from paper, wood, cork, acrylic, foam to all kinds of metal. When using a laser cutting machine, we should understand the characteristics of each material and pay more attention to the actual use process. What materials can a laser cutting […]

How to choose a self-adhesive laser cutting machine?

Although self-adhesive is not an expensive thing, it often carries an important embodiment of a company’s brand image, and is an important part of reflecting product quality and laser consumers’ desire to buy. The cutting of self-adhesive has gone through several important stages, from traditional manual engraving and hollowing, to cutting plotter and die-cutting machine, […]

Is a laser die cutting machine the same equipment as a laser cutting machine?

Is a laser die cutting machine the same equipment as a laser cutting machine? As the name suggests, laser die cutting machine is a kind of precision laser cutting equipment that replaces traditional die cutting. The application of laser cutting equipment is very extensive. Generally, the application of laser cutting machine is divided according to […]

Common laser cutting processes in 3C products

3C is short for computer, communication and consumer electronics. There are many now. The IT industry has entered the 3C field one after another. As a breakthrough in development, integrated technology products have become a breakthrough in development. The rapid development of the ITC electronics industry has not only brought great changes to people’s lives, […]

Reasons for non-metallic laser cutting to generate dust

Relying on high efficiency and flexibility, high productivity, and in modern industry, laser cutting has the advantage of fast cutting speed. In particular, laser cutting of non-metallic materials plays an important role in traditional manufacturing, and many non-metallic plastic products and laser cutting play an irreplaceable role in the processing of multi-layer composite materials. We […]

How can be selected to be cheap and good?

Many people are familiar with metal laser cutting machine, and some people call it fiber cutting machine, because it uses fiber laser as energy to improve work efficiency, and can even be cut into various specifications, suitable for various thicknesses. However, at this time, we should also understand its market price, which is between several […]

How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is a relatively advanced metal laser processing equipment. Many manufacturing plants will have this cutting machine. Compared with some numerical control machine tools, optical fiber cutting machines are small and easy to use. Pure computer programming requires only technicians who can use CAD to draw drawings. Laser processing will not damage […]

Why does the fiber laser cutting machine have errors?

Fiber laser cutting machine (abbreviated as fiber cutting machine) mainly uses laser instead of traditional machine knife, which has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting speed. For metal processing equipment, many laser cutting machine enterprises hope to use this new tool to create greater benefits for the enterprise, including the time and economic […]

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