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Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Glass can be seen everywhere in life and is widely used, ranging from glass walls, glass doors, to mobile phone screens, glass cups, etc. Because glass is a brittle material with high hardness and brittleness, it greatly increases its cutting difficulty. Traditional glass cutting methods include: glass knife cutting, water jet cutting and flame cutting. […]

Pad printing steel plate laser marking machine

Pad printing steel plate is a special printing method – a consumable used in pad printing machines in pad printing, usually composed of steel plates of chrome steel, K460 steel, bearing steel, spring steel and other materials. is a core accessory. It can realize the printing of various flat and three-dimensional patterns on the surface […]

Lithium battery laser marking machine

As a new type of battery, lithium battery has been loved by people in recent years. Common lithium batteries on the market can be divided into two categories: 3C lithium batteries and power lithium batteries. They are mainly used in the 3C electronics industry, electric vehicle industry, etc. As an efficient energy storage device, lithium […]

Sofa fabric laser cutting machine

In daily life, sofa, as the “soul” item in daily home decoration, occupies an important position in life. A stylish and comfortable sofa has become the pursuit of more and more people. Among all kinds of sofas, the chaise longue is especially popular among people. Its elegant lines and unique shapes not only highlight the […]

Glass cover laser cutting machine

Glass cover generally refers to a glass product that plays a protective role in mobile phones/tablets/electronic products, and is more common in electronic products. Usually, the glass cover is divided into a front cover and a rear cover, and its thickness is usually between 0.5-0.8mm. It is generally chemically strengthened glass, which not only protects […]

Conductive glue laser cutting machine

Conductive adhesive refers to a tape with conductive function, which is an indispensable new material in industrial electronics. It is often used in microelectronic assembly, or for bonding electrode sheets and magnet crystals, and is widely used. In the application of conductive adhesive, due to different application requirements, the conductive adhesive needs to be cut […]

Polystyrene sheet cutting equipment – PS sheet laser cutting machine

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic, a kind of plastic whose raw material is resin, referred to as PS plastic. It has the advantages of high light transmittance and high strength, and is widely used in building materials industry, automobile industry, handicraft industry, optical industry, etc. Such as automotive exterior parts, gear electronic housings, etc., lampshades, electronic […]

Upper and shoe material cutting and cutting equipment – upper laser cutting machine

The importance of shoes to people is self-evident. A pair of comfortable shoes is a must for everyone. To judge the quality of a pair of shoes, not only from the appearance, but also from the comfort of the shoes, the feel of the feet, etc. For different applications, we can choose different shoes, such […]

FPL electronic paper special cutting equipment – electronic paper laser cutting machine

E-paper, also known as digital paper, is an ultra-light and ultra-thin electronic display screen similar to paper. Its display effect is close to the effect of natural paper and is free from reading fatigue. Generally, the display technology that can realize comfortable reading like paper, ultra-thin, light, bendable, and ultra-low power consumption is called electronic […]

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