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FPL electronic paper special cutting equipment – electronic paper laser cutting machine

E-paper, also known as digital paper, is an ultra-light and ultra-thin electronic display screen similar to paper. Its display effect is close to the effect of natural paper and is free from reading fatigue. Generally, the display technology that can realize comfortable reading like paper, ultra-thin, light, bendable, and ultra-low power consumption is called electronic […]

Medical Stainless Steel Hypotube Laser Cutting Machine

A hypotube is a long metal tube with micro-engineered properties throughout its conduit. It is an important component of the catheter for minimally invasive treatment and needs to be used in conjunction with balloons and stents to open arterial blockages. During this process, the hypotube needs to avoid kinking while being able to travel, track, […]

Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Composite materials are widely used in all walks of life. Generally, some excellent characteristics of raw materials are combined and taken into account, and they are well-loved materials by the public. In composite materials, fiber-reinforced materials have always been the focus of attention. Such as glass fiber and organic resin composite glass fiber reinforced plastic, […]

Thin film laser cutting machine

PET film, also known as polyester substrate, is a plastic film with strong durability, firmness, high toughness, moisture resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance. It is often used as protective film on product surface, high barrier film and antistatic film, etc. In the application of PET film, it is often necessary to cut and […]

Sponge Laser Cutting Machine

Sponge is widely used in all walks of life, especially in the packaging industry. As a protective packaging, it plays a core role. Sponge can be seen in all walks of life. There are many kinds of sponges. Our common sponges are divided into: chemical sponges, industrial sponges, foamed cotton, rubber cotton and recycled sponges, […]

Termination Tape Laser Marking Machine

Termination tape is a kind of material used for insulation protection and fixing function of various lithium ion cell termination parts based on polypropylene insulating material. It can be used for cylindrical and square, medium and small lithium ion batteries and large power lithium ion in the battery cells. Common termination tapes are: PP material, […]

PCB Laser Drilling Machine

With the rapid development of high and new technology in my country, the continuous intelligent and precise transformation of the manufacturing industry, the demand for high-precision machining is gradually increasing, and the demand for high-precision cutting and drilling in various industries is endless, among which the electronics industry is more. As one of the important […]

3D Laser Marking Machine

3D surface laser marking machine refers to laser equipment that can realize three-dimensional engraving of materials. It is often used in automobile and motorcycle parts engraving, metal, alloy and oxide, sanitary ware, clothing accessories, aerospace and other industries. Engraving the company’s LOGO name, product specifications, serial numbers, etc. The engraving information includes various numbers, patterns, […]

Thin film laser drilling machine

Film is a kind of plastic product, which is widely used in life and is used in electronic appliances, machinery, printing, packaging and other industries. Wide range of uses, such as: sealing, storage, protection and other functions. It can be seen everywhere in life. In the application of plastic film, many processes need to cut […]

Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Glass is widely used in all walks of life, such as glass doors and windows in the decoration industry, glass showcases, windshields in the automotive industry, rearview mirror glass, etc., display screens in the electronics industry, mobile phone planes, glass substrates, etc., medical industry Glass bottles, glass tubes and other utensils in. Using different materials […]

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