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Kerf-Canceling Mechanisms: Making Laser-Cut Mechanisms Operate across Different Laser Cutters

Kerf-Canceling Mechanisms: Making Laser-Cut Mechanisms Operate across Different Laser Cutters Thijs Jan Roumen, Ingo Apel, Jotaro Shigeyama, Muhammad Abdullah, Patrick Baudisch UIST’20: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Session: 5A: Fabrication: Joints and Mechanisms / Functional Assembly Abstract Getting laser-cut mechanisms, such as those in microscopes, robots, vehicles, etc., to work, requires all […]

Designing and making products with a Laser cutter in less than 1-hour

I got a laser cutter and here is the first thing I made. xTool sent me a Laserbox Rotary and I tried to design and make a product in less than 1 hour. I laser cut 1/8″ thick acrylic to make a pour over coffee stand. it only took about 10 minutes to laser cut […]

Police badge 3D badge making laser engraved marked machine

Police badge 3D badge making laser engraved marked machine #50wfiberlasermarkingmachine #30wfiberlasermarkingmachine #metallasermarkingmachine #fiberlaserengravingmachine #jptfiberlasermarkingmachine #metallaserengravingmachine 3D relief making: Marking color on stainless steel: Copper cutting: Curved surface engraving: If you need more info, please feel free to contact us: JINAN Hitec Machinery Co.,Ltd Website: https://hiteccnc.com/fiber-laser-marking-machine/show-31-172-1.html Email:saleshiteccnc.com Wechat : +86-17862864348 Whatsapp: +86-17862864348 we will be very […]

Ponoko Laser Cutting Unboxing and Review – Tech

I ordered some laser cut parts from Ponoko and I wanted to do a video on the unboxing and first impressions of the parts. If your curious how there parts come shipped or how they look and how clean the cuts are check out this video Really happy overall with the cutting they did for […]

Making A Fume Hood for my EleksDraw Laser Engraver

This is a really quick and dirty weekend project to build a ventilated cabinet to run my EleksDraw Laser Engraver without filling the house with smoke. UCSl5Uxu2LyaoAoMMGp6oTJA laser engraver for #Making #Fume #Hood #EleksDraw #Laser #Engraver

Making a Laser Cut Puzzle in Lightburn!

Laser Cut Puzzles are awesome! I take you through the entire process without leaving out any steps! Share this video with another hobbyest or group! ======================================= Become a Patreon Supporter for insider benefits and downloads! Patreon supporters get 80-100% OFF in my graphics store! https://engraveandcutfiles.com/ https://patreon.com/lahobbyguy ======================================= My hobby Forums: https://lahobbyguy.com/bb Facebook: https://facebook.com/lahobbyguy Facebook Group: […]

Making Apparel with Your Laser Cutter 101

Stahls’ TV : http://stahlstv.com/ If you’re looking to increase your profit with equipment you already own, learn some of the many things that you can do with your laser cutter, or why you should invest in one. Whether you are looking to cut films or twills, or if you wanted to etch those same twills […]

Making a Desktop Mini Pegboard using AtomStack S10 Pro Laser Engraver/Cutter

I have this laser engraver/cutter for about a week and now looking for a simple project to try. Since I have a few leftover pegboards, I decided to do a mini pegboard. It turned out to be not very practical but is a good decoration item for any working desk. If you want to make […]

2022 Best 3D Subsurface Laser Crystal Engraving Machine for Bubblegram Making

Looking for 3D subsurface laser crystal engraving machine for custom bubblegram making? Need laser engraved inside glass for personalized crafts or gift making? Review the 2022 top rated 3D laser internal engraving machine for crystal. 3D laser crystal engraving machine can inner engrave 2D and 3D patterns in crystal, glass and acrylic, etc the transparent […]

Making a vent for the K40 laser engraver! The fumes were trying to kill me!!

Yep, finally got a laser! Was going to get a dedicated vent for the exhaust, but for now this was the fastest solution to getting the fumes directed away from the rest of the workshop. #lasercutting #laserengraving #3dprinting #practical #creativity UCpd4aZUHSOEkR_SpC3dJ3_Q laser engraver #Making #vent #K40 #laser #engraver #fumes #kill

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