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Application of laser cutting technology in ships

The continuous development of shipbuilding technology has led to major changes in shipbuilding materials and ship design. The application of laser technology in ship manufacturing has its unique characteristics, which is closely related to the processing and application characteristics of the ship itself and the characteristics of the laser manufacturing system. So, what are the […]

Requirements of nitrogen for gas parameters in laser cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting method that uses a focused high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to rapidly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the burning point of the material at the burning point, and simultaneously blow off the molten material with the auxiliary gas of the high speed airflow coaxial with […]

What is the cause of hole explosion during laser cutting

There are many laser cutting machine users who are cutting more than 6 mm plates, it is very easy to have the phenomenon of hole explosion during drilling, resulting in the cutting sample being incomplete or the following head being unstable. What is the cause? Here are some points to analyze. 1. Reduce the oxygen […]

What causes the error of laser cutting machine?

Generally, the thickness of the plate cut by the metal laser cutting machine is less than 12. The thinner the plate, the easier it is to cut, and the better the quality. 1. The thickness of cutting material exceeds the standard. Generally, the thickness of the plate cut by the metal laser cutting machine is […]

Ten common sense you should know when using laser marking machine in cold winter

There are some precautions when using the laser marking machine in daily life. Especially in winter, when the weather is cold, we should pay more attention when using the laser equipment to prevent equipment damage due to operational problems. In particular, ten points for attention are summarized: 1. In any case, before turning on the […]

Application of nitrogen in laser cutting

Laser cutting uses nitrogen to solve many processing problems in practical production, and expands the processing scope to areas where oxygen cutting is difficult to process, such as aluminum and brass. The following describes its application in various materials and fields. 1. Carbon steel Carbon steel is cut with oxygen. The surface temperature is very […]

Circular tube laser cutting machine

The round tube laser cutting machine is a high-end equipment for precision machining of metal round tubes. It is generally composed of lasers, gantry frames, machine tools, round tube clamps, numerical control consoles and water chillers. Processing characteristics of laser cutting machine for round pipe: 1. There are many types of cutting pipes, which can […]

Optical fiber laser cutting machine, the main force of kitchen utensils processing industry

The kitchenware industry includes a wide range of products, ranging from cigarette cookers to pots and pans, which are basically made of stainless steel, fireproof board, aluminum, iron, etc. The key to building high-quality kitchenware equipment is its manufacturing process. The traditional processing of kitchenware equipment is mainly based on CNC punch, which can only […]

What are the different requirements for carbon steel and stainless steel cutting?

When laser cutting machine processes metal, stainless steel and carbon steel are widely used. Compared with aluminum alloy, brass and other highly reflective metals, these two metals have better absorption of light, so laser cutting is more widely used. What are the differences between stainless steel and carbon steel processed by powerful laser cutting machine? […]

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