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Custom Mavic Pro Paintjob – with laser engraving! – HOWTO

My friend Klaus from Euler Kreativ, my son Jannik and I build a custom mavic pro top, with the help of Klaus’ painting skills and my 15W laser. If you enjoyed the Video let me know! Thanks for watching! Music: ON AND ON by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC […]

LASEA | Femtosecond laser cutting and engraving

Lasea presents for the first time it new micromachining workstation which is capable of very high precision machining like femtosecond laser cutting, drilling, engraving. This workstation can cut, drill and engrave the smallest pieces or remove coatings thanks to ultra-short pulses laser, on all kinds of material, conductor or not. The Lasea micromachining workstation allows […]

UV Laser Marker For Metal And Nonmetal Marking

UV laser is a very widely used CNC laser machine. It is capable of marking both metals and non-metals with high quality. #lasermarkingmachine #uvlasermarkingmachine #UVlaser Get a 1-to-1 VIP consulting service, please contact: Whatsapp&Viber&Wechat:+8615689780960. Email: export01stylecnc.com . Skype: Therese stylecnc UCih8lYrv916KIv4cGwh0_4g laser marker #Laser #Marker #Metal #Nonmetal #Marking

CNC Co2 Laser Origin & Start Positions Tutorial – Lightburn, RD Works, AutoLaser Software.

This video is about the Machine Origin, Job Origin and Start Location when using Co2 Laser Software. The Laser software I use is Lightburn. Now I know that not everyone uses Lightburn Software so towards the end of the video I will briefly explain where to find these settings in two other Laser Software Packages […]

Ultimate Air Assist Upgrade for Co2 Laser RUIDA 644X Controllers – CNC Co2 Laser Machine

In this video I show you how to install the Ultimate Air Assist Components from Cloudray Laser on a Co2 Laser using a Ruida RDC-644X Controller. The components for this can be found here https://mwlaser.com.au/product/ultimate-air-assist-kit/ This is an awesome addition to the machine, I have recently purchased a second one for the Laser Machine I […]

2.x Co2 80 watt CNC laser cutter build

It’s a long video. Hope you enjoy! See it in action here: https://keepandshare.com/doc/7798592/2-x-sig-conditioner-pdf-26k https://keepandshare.com/doc/7798596/chassis-power-dist-pdf-28k https://keepandshare.com/doc/7798594/chassis-motor-drive-pdf-26k https://keepandshare.com/doc/7798595/chassis-laser-control-pdf-32k UCHM1uhR4QjL6zh3WBE6mB1Q laser cutter for #2.x #Co2 #watt #CNC #laser #cutter #build

Installing Z Axis Focus Sensor on Co2 Laser – CNC Co2 Laser Machine

This video explains the installation of the Z-Axis Focus Sensor from Cloudray Laser. https://amzn.to/2Jo9m5B .This sensor for the Co2 Laser is used with controllers capable the Auto Focus feature. It can only be installed on a machine that has the work table controlled by the z-axis controls on the laser control panel. In this video […]


IDEA TURBO – LASER CUTTING GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COOPER ETC. Cutting with fiber laser power source. This laser cutting just one pass. Laser Power Optional : 50W Fiber Laser 100W Fiber 200 W Fiber Laser Source UChc8CJ18WeOb-Kfa1ttPUwQ laser cutting for #IDEA #TURBO #LASER #CUTTING #MACHINE #JEWELERY

Laser Cutting Edge Quality and Finish – SendCutSend

Get an instant quote: https://sendcutsend.com/ In this video — What to expect when ordering laser cut metals from our online laser cutting service at SendCutSend.com Laser Cutting Edge Quality and Finish – SendCutSend Send Cut Send – Online Laser Cutting Service If you need precision, laser cut metal parts, give us a try. Prices start […]

mA – MILLIAMP METER INSTALL – CNC Co2 Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine – How to install ammeter

In this video I install a mA Meter (ammeter / milliamp meter) on a Co2 Laser. This is a simple process that requires care and knowledge of your system! WARNING (See 0:28) I Recommend a 0-30ma ammeter for Co2 Laser tubes up to 80W – https://mwlaser.com.au/product/cloudray-30-50ma-ammeter/ A LIST OF UPGRADE PARTS I USED CAN BE […]