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Method of cleaning lens of metal laser cutting machine

The lens of the metal laser cutting machine is a relatively compact part, and it is also the place most likely to get dirty and stuck with dust. We need to clean it frequently. Cleaning the lens of the metal laser cutting machine is a meticulous job. Now we will tell you how to clean […]

Advantages of metal laser cutting machine over traditional machining

As the main project of modern industrial development, mechanical processing is the king’s way to improve processing efficiency. How can we improve the efficiency of machining? That is to use a new cutting equipment: metal laser cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machine is a modern new cutting machine equipment. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, […]

Which of the three metal cutting machines do you choose?

In our life, metal is a very common material. Gold, silver and copper are used to make coins, and iron is used to make tools and weapons. For this production link, there are many complex processes involved, but cutting is the most basic. There are many ways to cut metal. The choice of cutting method […]

Precautions for cutting different materials with metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machines have been used more and more widely since they came into our lives, and there are more and more materials to be cut for metal laser cutting machines. But what I want to tell you is that we are not cutting all metal materials in the same way and the same […]

How to select auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine?

Those who are familiar with laser cutting machine know that auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut must be added during laser cutting. The auxiliary gas can blow away the slag in the slit, cool the surface of the processed object, reduce the heat affected zone, cool the focus lens, and prevent the […]

Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Metal Lighting and Pipe

Since all walks of life are inseparable from the laser cutting machine, let’s take a look at the application of the laser cutting machine in metal lighting and pipe materials. I believe you will have a different harvest! A good metal lighting product needs multiple complex processes to complete. In particular, large metal lighting products […]

What equipment can be used for cutting metal materials?

There are many kinds of equipment available for metal material cutting, mainly depending on the degree of metal material cutting. If you want to cut with high efficiency and high quality, you can use fiber laser cutting machine, which can bring you a good metal material processing experience. The optical fiber laser cutting machine is […]

What brand of metal laser cutting machine is good

There are too many manufacturers producing metal laser cutting machines in the market. Many customers want to ask what brand of metal laser cutting machine is good when they buy it. The public says that the public is reasonable, and the woman says that the woman is reasonable. After all, no one can say that […]

How to choose a cost-effective laser cutting equipment?

Want to buy laser cutting equipment, the budget is not high, how to choose? Laser cutting equipment has become an indispensable part of metal material processing and production. The term “cost-effective” seems to have its own appeal. As long as the product is accompanied by four words, it will always unconsciously catch the eye of […]

How to treat the cost performance ratio of laser cutting machine

We all say that laser cutting machines are cost-effective. What do you think of this evaluation? In fact, the cost performance ratio is the conclusion obtained by comparing the product quality and price. Next, we can judge the cost performance ratio from the product quality and product price of the laser cutting machine.First of all, […]

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