Daily maintenance of laser for fiber laser cutting machine

As one of the core accessories of the fiber laser cutting machine, the daily maintenance is crucial to ensure the processing quality and prolong the service life of the equipment. Its importance is self-evident. We need to make a more detailed maintenance plan for it, according to the daily, weekly, monthly and its operation time.

1、 Daily pre-start maintenance of laser cutting machine:

1) Check the oil level in the laser vacuum pump. If it is not enough, add it.

2) Inspection of laser working gas and cutting gas: check the cylinder of laser working gas.

3) Check the temperature of cooling water, and the water temperature required by the selected laser is the best.

4) Check whether there is leakage in the oil, water and gas circuits of the laser, and whether there is leakage in the pneumatic components and pipe joints of the vacuum pump and resonator.

5) Check that the cooling water pressure is kept between 3.5 and 5 Bar.

2、 Weekly maintenance of laser cutting machine laser:

1) Check the filter of the water cooler for impurities.

2) Check whether there is oil and water in the gas mixing unit of the laser, and if there is any, clean it in time; Check the laser gas drying filter. If more than 1/4 of the color turns red or white,

It needs to be replaced. Its normal color is blue.

3) Check the cooling water circuit of the laser for impurities.

4) Check the oil level of roots pump. The oil level in the gear box of Roots pump can be seen through the oil window on the end face of the gear box. When the pump is turned off and cold, the oil level should be at the middle of the glass

+Between 5mm and 0mm, add HTCL2100 oil if necessary.

5) Check the oil level of vacuum pump and Luozi pump. If it is not enough, add it.

6) Check the condensate water level in the compressed air separator (located in the air supply unit). Check the vacuum pump oil level. When the pump is in the cold state, the oil level should be between+5mm and 0mm at the middle line of the oil window, and then refuel if necessary.

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