Reasons for affecting the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Image production is an important reason for its production. The accuracy, smooth lines and no sawtooth shape are used in the layout area above the sheet metal processing material. The size is just right. The accuracy of image production affects the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine.

2. The effect is different. According to the different materials, different materials are set and used. For example, the cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine is different with high reflective materials and ordinary metal materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel;

3. There are reasons for air blowing and air blowing. When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, some materials need to be air blown to achieve the desired results, and some materials need not be used during production, but sometimes the air blowing needs to be adjusted according to the materials to achieve the desired results.

4. The reason for the cutting speed is that when the fiber laser cutting machine cuts, some materials need to be made slowly, and the production condition is good, but some materials need to be faster on the contrary.

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