What is the price difference between fiber laser cutting machines from different manufacturers?

What you buy is the price. But in most cases, people care not only about the price, but also about the cost performance of the product. This is also true of the fiber laser cutting machine. Because the price of the product is very high, many people feel very expensive when they hear the price, or how the price difference between manufacturers is so much. Let’s analyze it in detail.

1. There are many manufacturers of optical fiber laser cutting machines. The competition is naturally fierce, and customers will not only look at one. The competition is not only price competition, but also quality competition. Therefore, the products produced in the laser cutting machine industry intensive area are of high quality and low price.

2. There are many manufacturers of optical fiber laser cutting machines, and the specialized level of various accessories and assemblies is high. Some manufacturers only produce laser cutting machine power supply, and some manufacturers only produce the main shaft of cutting machine, etc. This is the so-called technical specialization. These specialized companies are the guarantee of the quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers.

3. It is a fact that there are many manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machines. Large manufacturers have developed earlier, have complete after-sales service guarantee, and a large number of machines are in operation, so the quality is relatively reliable.

4. Customers are looking for cost-effectiveness. With the same configuration of the same products, the costs of large manufacturers are naturally high, including management costs, plant costs, etc., while the costs of small manufacturers are extremely low. And because of the division of labor and cooperation of China’s socialized mass production, the professional level of its products is not necessarily lower than that of large manufacturers. However, in terms of product quality and after-sales service, the products and after-sales service of large manufacturers are still better than those of small manufacturers. Therefore, if funds allow, it is recommended to consider the products of large manufacturers.

5. Brand effect. It is easy to understand that some laser cutting machine enterprises that have done well or done well have gained good reputation and gradually formed a brand effect through long-term accumulation. Such products are generally at a high price. For example, we are familiar with air conditioners, Gree, Hisense and Haier, and the prices vary greatly.

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