Factors affecting the price of fiber laser cutting machine

At present, the mainstream laser cutting equipment on the market is mainly divided into fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine according to the laser generation system. Although they are all laser cutting equipment, their prices are different. Even for the same product, the prices are also different. What are the factors that affect the price of fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Equipment accessories: As we all know, mechanical equipment is also good or bad. Good products are relatively expensive, as are laser cutting machines. Its core technology determines the quality of laser cutting machines, such as lasers and control systems, which will affect the price of laser cutting machines.

2. Different models: different models in the same manufacturer (different power sizes, different cutting formats) will have different prices. Users need to choose the most appropriate power and format according to their cutting needs, so as to make the best use of things and bring higher value returns to the enterprise.

3. Equipment difference: the price of imported fiber laser cutting machine and domestic YAG solid laser cutting machine is also very different. The difference between them is that optical fiber has great advantages in sheet metal cutting, and its cutting speed is faster than other equipment.

4. After-sales service: When buying large equipment, after-sales service is a key issue. The comprehensive service can ensure the safety and timely maintenance of the equipment used by users. The after-sales service of different manufacturers also has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there will also be differences in price.

These are the four factors that affect the price of laser cutting machine. The choice of cutting machine should be customized according to your own needs and budget, and the thickness of cutting material should be determined by looking at the specific power requirements.

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