Optical fiber laser cutting machine is popular in sheet metal industry

With the rapid development of market economy, the requirements for the speed, quality and economy of optical fiber laser cutting machines are increasing. More and more enterprises use optical fiber laser cutting machines in metal sheet metal processing. The demand for metal processing continues to increase, and the electrical control box and machine shell in the metal processing industry are all sheet metal parts. As a result, the complexity of the process is also relatively high, and some parts have as many as dozens of processes, which puts forward unusually high requirements for sheet metal processing in terms of accuracy.

The X, Y and Z axes are all imported servo motors with high accuracy, high speed, large torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance. It ensures the high speed and acceleration of the whole machine.

Scope of application: sheet metal processing, electromechanical equipment, sheet metal processing, chassis and cabinet, stainless steel products, kitchen and bathroom, lamps, accessories, auto parts, glasses, hardware tools, advertising signs, decoration, metal crafts, gifts, lamps, medical devices and other metal cutting fields.

With the continuous introduction of high-tech laser equipment, the development of the sheet metal industry is unstoppable. Driven by the fiber laser cutting machine, the sheet metal processing industry has a broad prospect.

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