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adding AIR ASSIST to a K40 laser engraver cutter (BIG DIFFERENCE)

This is the single most effective improvement you can make to your laser cutter and it’s not that hard. Here’s how we did it and the links for ordering the same stuff we used. AMAZON LINKS K40 laser cutter (with red dot laser, wheels & air assist): amazon/gp/product/B01EJDH1BO?th=1 air assist only: amzn.to/38uIvjh ****************************************** SUPPORT MY […]

Adding a laser cutter to a CNC Router Mill

We added a LCheapo laser to our Precision Plasma Bulldog router. This is a very inexpensive way to increase the capabilities of your current router or mill without spending thousand on a dedicated laser cutter. Link to Laser: http://robots-everywhere/re_site/purchase/l-cheapo/ Link to my website: http://cncrouterbuild/buildpage17.html UC4V-qSBquMJzmyAqOWENKQg laser cutter for #Adding #laser #cutter #CNC #Router #Mill

Adding a laser engraver to my CNC machine

I show an inexpensive way to add laser engraving capabilities to a hobbyist CNC machine. Sorry that the video quality is poor in sections. I had an issue with my video editing software crashing and replacing the HD files with the proxy files and I didn’t have time to re-edit the video. UC6rMTm8LiPHzFERR9OQCwgw laser engraver […]