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In this episode on Laser Engraving 911 I will show you all how I use the “center center” method to engrave all kinds of drinkware with my Co2 Laser! We will go over 30oz cups, Mugs, Odd Shaped Cups, Big Giant Bottles, and even laser engraving some glass too! If you want to skip to […]

UV ultraviolet laser marker 3w 5w 8w 10w with big power 50w 100w fiber laser deep marking on metal

UV ultraviolet laser marker 3w 5w 8w 10w with big power 50w 100w fiber laser deep marking on metal starmacnclaser/laser-marking-machine/uv-laser-marking-machine/3d-print-uv-laser.html UV laser can marking on all metal and nonmetal materials. Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines, but it is developed with a 355nm ultraviolet laser. Compared with optical fiber […]

adding AIR ASSIST to a K40 laser engraver cutter (BIG DIFFERENCE)

This is the single most effective improvement you can make to your laser cutter and it’s not that hard. Here’s how we did it and the links for ordering the same stuff we used. AMAZON LINKS K40 laser cutter (with red dot laser, wheels & air assist): amazon/gp/product/B01EJDH1BO?th=1 air assist only: amzn.to/38uIvjh ****************************************** SUPPORT MY […]

Lotmaxx Shark Plus 3D Printer Conversion to Big Laser Engraver

This is a follow up video for lotmaxx Shark Plus 3D printer. I have been using this 3D printer and 3D printing for about a month or more and it is time to talk about how its working, show its bi color 3D printing and how to convert it to a laser engraver, test its […]

Best choice for Makers? Ortur Laser Master 2 PRO – 20W CNC Engraver/Cutter

ORTUR Laser Master 2 PRO:https://bit.ly/3fUigZh Ortur Laser Master 2: https://bit.ly/3xVDs7D Ortur Laser Master 2(lu2-4): https://bit.ly/2VW6Y0b Safety Glasses:https://bit.ly/3yH9Z2x Ortur official brand website:https://bit.ly/2WrvAOC Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3zp4LbL 🔥This one has a quite big engraving area, the laser is of 5.5W which is powerful, so safety glasses ON. We also have the roller engraver so we can print or […]

Big improvements on TS2 10W diode laser engraver by TwoTrees,My Tech Fun

TS2 is 10W diode laser engraver by Two Trees with significant upgrades from previous (TTS-55) version. TwoTrees Laser Engraver TS2 Product Link: Banggood: Original Price: $699 Promo Price: $669 Warehouse: USA & EU Warehouses Estimated Shipping Time: 3-7 business days Activity 1-ONLY 50 Units: Buy One Get Three Coupons: Buy TS2 to get engraving materials+Y-axis […]