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EFR CO2 laser tube factory ,60W to 220W power

If you have any interest or demand , please feel free to contact me at ( cherrybjefr.com ) skype: cherry_efrlaser efrlaser.com UCzWSCIA7802_65jSFvQbaZw co2 laser #EFR #CO2 #laser #tube #factory #60W #220W #power

Success Story – Videos Shot from KASU laser cutting machine customer factory

KASU laser cutting machine customer site, for different fabrics, we can provide different models to meet the needs of customers. KASU LASER Leading Fabric Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer from China Leading Supplier of Vision Laser Cutting Machine with Top Canon Camera or Small CCD Direct Factory Supply of Co2 Glavo Gantry Laser Cutting Machine Qualified […]

DIY Laser Cutter Buildlog – Part1 – Bed, Stepper Mounts and Leadscrews

Making and mounting the 4 Stepper Mounts and installing the Leadscrews for the LaserBed. Plenty of Fails / Redo’s / Problems, but c’mon that’s what diy is all about right 😉 enjoy Leadscrews Banggood: http://banggood.com/T8-300mm-Stainless-Steel-Lead-Screw-Set-with-Shaft-Coupling-and-Mounted-Ball-Bearing-p-995057.html Linear Rails Aliexpress: http://aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-9mm-Linear-Guide-MGN9-L-200mm-linear-rail-way-MGN9C-or-MGN9H-Long-linear/32525095448.html Cnc Operation #1 1/8″ – 3.175mm Single Flute Cutter 32mm Cutting Length (600mm/min 8000rpm) (1mm Depth […]

Best laser etcher equipment Factory, laser etching machine rate, 25 watt laser engraver,

https://zxlasers.com wechat/whatsapp: +86 18025428058 Email: casperpezxlasers.com ———————————- Best laser etcher equipment Factory, laser etching machine rate, 25 watt laser engraver, Chinese laser engraver seller, sic laser marker, high speed laser marking machine, laser etch glass bottles, laser wood engraving machine price in india, laser engraving depth control, laser engraver 15000mw, Chinese laser marking equipment maker, […]

Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting Machines, High Speed CNC Laser Cutting. Heavy Duty Hand Cutting Torch Of Metal

Heavy Duty Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting Machines, High Speed CNC Laser Cutting Solution Modern Technology X-Machines Channel Website: https://xmachines-co.com/ Fanpage: https://facebook.com/X-Machines-109490185023529 SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/3e8Hz7t We would like to support all companies or people to promote their products, service, or company. If you need our support, don’t hesitate to contact us via wowtv2050gmail.com. If you are a […]

This automated laser-cutter could be cutting the rack or back-can you ordered #shorts

Enormous industrial laser cutters run at AtlasIED’s automated manufacturing and distribution center in Ennis, Texas, USA. This, one of two twin lasers, can be programmed to run all night if need be. It’s all part of our commitment to bring you numerous best-in-class technology products that are in stock and ready to ship. We manufacture […]

Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Supplier, CNC Laser Cutting Machine Factory ,Laser Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Supplier, CNC Laser Cutting Machine Factory ,Laser Marking Machine Factory Name:Wuxi Smart CNC Equipment Group CO.,LTD. Mobile/Whatsapp/We-chat:0086-13771480707 Email:saleschinasmartcnc.com chinasmartcncgmail.com Website:https://chinasmartcnc.com 1. High-load mechanical mechanism.Adopting seamless welding and body bending technology.More scientific design and high-strength steel-frame structure, which increase more than 40% fuselage strength to prevent the machine from distortion during long […]

DaVinci Diamond Factory: First automated laser cutting & shaping system for diamonds (voice-over)

Synova, inventor of the unique waterjet laser, presents a revolutionary system for shaping diamonds: DaVinci Diamond Factory – synova.ch/products/diamond-cutting-systems/item/140-davinci-diamond-factory.html It transforms rough diamonds into brilliant cut diamonds in a single fully automated process. In preparation for the laser process, the rough diamond is scanned and planned by an external planning device. Stone parameters are then […]

Laser Engraving Demo – Minilaseâ„¢ Auto Door Laser Marking System – Tykma Electrox at D/E Factory

Thank you to Tom from Tykma Electrox (https://permanentmarking) for being so gracious with your time on 6/29/22 and presenting some of the capabilities of the Minilaseâ„¢ Manual or Auto Door Laser Marking System. Tom patiently answered all of our questions in detail and gave a great overview of the laser, various file formats, and tips […]

How does the CNC Fiber laser cutting machine work? – Factories,Factories

In recent years Fibre optic laser cutting machines have become the driving force behind the global production of sheet metal parts. WATCH NEXT VIDEO: The growing variety of products and smaller machines have forced manufacturers to move away from traditional methods of profiling with dies in favour of this modern fibre laser technology. Modern laser […]

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