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A DIY A4 Laser Engraver made from a scanner and a printer on ATmega328,Davide Gironi

This “Get Ready For Win98” Laser Engraving Machine it’s built using an old scanner, and an old printer and an Arduino ATmega328 board. more info @ Davide Gironi #DIY #Laser #Engraver #scanner #printer #ATmega328

Photo Laser Engraving Tips | Trotec Laser Webinar,Trotec Laser

Check out our amazing in-depth 1-hour photo engraving tutorial. This video was made by David Stephens, our industrial application manager from Trotec USA. David has been in the laser business for over 20 years. In this video he is sharing his tricks on how to achieve the best photo engraving results. Contents: 01:15 Digital Photography […]

GWEIKE Laser cutting machine tutorial for cutting tube,G·WEIKE Laser

This video mainly introduces the operation steps of GWEIKE laser cutting machine for cutting pipes. Welcome to consult for more details G·WEIKE Laser #GWEIKE #Laser #cutting #machine #tutorial #cutting #tube

Dremel Laser Cutter Discontinued: why and what my plans are!,Kathryn McElroy

A few months ago, Dremel quietly announced that they would discontinue the Dremel Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter. I’ve gotten a lot of comments asking why and what I plan on doing with my Dremel laser cutter. Here are my thoughts! Let me know in the comments what laser cutter I should try out next (when […]

Snapmaker 2.0: Greyscale laser engraving timelapse,Snapmaker

Great news! The Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers are available for pre-order on our online store now at Laser engraving can be meaningful and precise. With the Snapmaker 2.0, it can be fast, too! Snapmaker #Snapmaker #Greyscale #laser #engraving #timelapse

An Acrylic Keychain in Minutes | Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 laser cutter,HL ModTech

Create An Acrylic Keychain in Minutes using the Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 laser cutter. Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use the Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 laser cutter. Thanks for watching and have a great day! Learn more about the Laser Master Pro 2 here Make your life as a YouTuber […]

how to use a K40 LASER cutter (tool review),Live Free

We have had good luck with this K 40 laser cutter. We had to make a few modifications, but they were pretty easy to make. In the video we show an example of how to cut an acrylic piece using raster imaging and laser cutting. We also show the modifications that we had to make […]

TwoTrees Totem S 40W laser engraving machine : unboxing, assembly and test with Lightburn,kukomio

Two Trees- Totem S 40W laser engraving machine unboxing, assembly and test with Lightburn Two Trees- Totem S 40W : TwoTrees Official Website : Rotary Attachment For Laser Engraver: Honeycomb Workbench Table: Air Assist Kit 30L: The Two Trees Totem S Laser Engraving Machine is an affordable and versatile laser engraver – Very suitable for […]

Quickly Preparing Photos for Laser Engraving – The EASY way! | LIT Tutorials,Jonkiks FPV

In this video, I show you how to quickly edit and prepare a photo for laser engraving. No software downloads needed. Everything is done online through Imag-R. IMAG-R Website: SUPPORT IMAG-R by purchasing their design packages here: Facebook: Laser Illusions Technology Instagram: @laserillusionstech DM me for any questions 🙂 Jonkiks FPV #Quickly #Preparing #Photos #Laser […]